Virtual Learning: choosing the right tools

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The present trend in learning involves the use of technology to create a Virtual learning experience. The choice of the right tools is important, as they influence the whole online learning experience. Therefore, it is crucial that we take the proper way forward and make the right choices. There are certain ways that would make it easier to identify the correct tools.

a. Personalization:  This is an important aspect as it betters the whole learning experience. Courses when taken online give a personalized feel as it can be taken anywhere, at one’s own convenience. Self-personalization is an added benefit of certain technologies where the item is customized as per your need. Tools should be selected after figuring out whether they can be adapted to user needs or not.

b. Understand the creators of learning tech:  Technology used in learning should be coordinated accordingly. There have been instances where there has been established knowhow with little or no relevance to this field. Thus, for any technological solution related to learning, there should be deep insights into it that can justify the relevance of the solution.

c. Learning at the core:   Social networking has many applications, one of them being learning. Knowledge is disseminated and shared over social networking platforms. However, they were not designed in the way that they are used. Here is where the social learning platforms differ as they are designed around the learning strata. Being social is an integral part of oneself and it can be a core element in learning.

d. Learning should be the challenge, not technology:   There should be a certain level of challenge associated with learning. A challenging environment can be created by a good teacher, who enhances the learning experience. Successful learning implies that there were some difficulties faced by the learners but they were not technological difficulties. So to speak, difficulties need to be a part of the learning experience but technology needn’t.

e. Moving ahead:  Technology is something that has constantly evolved. However, the basis of the present technology is the knowledge gained in the past. It is difficult to get rid of the old ideas and formulate new ones. Changing the learning experience is difficult as getting a new set of ideas. But, since change is the only constant, it is time to move towards a new horizon.

f. Coexistence of learning and technologies:   Technological issues are never fully resolved by the IT companies. Rather, they develop a new solution that would make one’s life easier and better. An integral element in the knowledge space, learning nurtures people’s productivity. Technology plays a big role in this connected world and connections are made based on learning.

Technology and learning go hand in hand as reiterated above. It’s important to consider the relevance of the technology used in learning for an effective learning process.

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