Visual Learning in Science

Education Technology Insights | Friday, November 16, 2018

With today’s technologies used everywhere, the education industry has witnessed deployment of its various applications in educational institutions. Today, the educational institutions are providing visual media experiences inside the classrooms, which have become a beneficial strategy as well as an exceptionally efficient resource for upholding the education industry, and for improving the quality of education. Video learning platform is extremely fruitful for the students. Among the three types of learning, such as reading, writing, and visual, visual learning is considered to be the most effective for enhancing memory.

While all subjects could get benefits by using video information in classrooms, science has become much productive and effective with the use of visual learning. Especially, these videos can enhance the science experiments classes with many advances than they have been doing previously.

Most science teachers face a significant challenge when they take more than one class a day, and the challenge is the inconsistency of the instructions from the teachers. Sometimes, the teacher may not get continuity in the content, and he might easily forget important details and information related to the complex experiments. But, if the teacher uses a video platform for teaching those science experiments, he can easily overcome the challenges and enable students to get more clarity in information.

During science classes, there will be need for demonstrations using various materials, which are sometimes difficult to handle. The classes with video information eliminate the usage of these materials and reduce the cost of spending on those materials.

Experiments are necessary for science classes, especially for explaining concepts and theories which are difficult to explain. Therefore, teachers opt to perform scientific experiments in classes. It is necessary to supply materials at the right times. But, if the teachers are not getting those materials at the right time in the right place, the classes will be delayed, and it will negatively affect the teachers and students. The use of video can help teachers to edit and create unique contents for teaching, and it can ensure a highly productive result from students.

Education, as a means of creating an intelligent future to the world, should be upgraded with much importance and with advancement of technologies in it, as an additional step for the development of every student, the tomorrow’s generation.

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