Walch Education Launches One-Click Integration for Google Classroom

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Al Noyes, Walch Education's President

Walch Education has an announced one-click integration for its Curriculum Engine product and Google Classroom.

FREMONT, CA: Walch Education, a developer and publisher of online education solutions and standards-based content and curriculums, has an announced one-click integration for its Curriculum Engine product and Google Classroom.

Curriculum Engine is Walch's top product, which is a turnkey platform for teaching in the classroom and remotely as it collaborates readymade print and digital resources, curriculums associated to state standards, and smart tools for tailoring and developing educational resources. It also has a simple and effective interface that supports distance learning.

As per a recent article published in Forbes, maximum teachers mentioned Google Drive and Google Classroom when they were asked to name the tools, they were utilizing for learning management systems or video sharing. The latest one-click integration feature of Walch makes it easier for educators to provide Curriculum Engine's educational content to their high school math students through Google Classroom, said Al Noyes, Walch Education's President.

"School districts and educators appreciate how the Curriculum Engine gives them control over their lessons and helps them personalize resources," said Noyes. "They're often challenged with managing a myriad of applications and platforms to fill in the gaps of off-the-shelf resources and deliver effective lessons. For educators using Google Classroom, the addition of one-click integration simplifies the management and delivery of Walch's resources and assignments in a platform that's easy for students to use."

According to Karen O'Connor, Walch's Director of Customer Success, the combination with Google Classroom also even permit the educators to save a valuable and limited resource time.

"In working with school districts, we recognized that the ability to deploy Walch's resources seamlessly on Google Classroom would not only save teachers time but also streamline their work with their digital course materials by providing a single point of access," O'Connor said.

Walch Education is a prominent developer and publisher of online teaching and learning solutions and customized curriculum. It can adapt to fit the requirement of every state and district partner.  Walch's proven solutions provide the teachers with what they require to expand and improve student learning.

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