Wall against Attackers: Forest Grove Schools

By Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The severe and gruesome attacks have threatened the U.S. schools, and security has turned into a practical problem which needs to be addressed firmly to save children from the wrath of inhuman attackers. BBC says 2018 was the worst year for the schools of the U.S., as almost 113 people were either died or injured due to these attacks. Therefore, it is no wonder for school authorities to implement steadfast rules to provide students and staffs with proper protection.

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The Forest Grove School District is one of the major school districts of the U.S. which not only aims at providing high-quality education to students but also focuses on the engagement of students encouraging them to dive deep into the world of learning. This school district has now decided to revamp its existing security structures through the implementation of the new security system which leverages technology and the human mind.

Leveraging this new security structure, the schools will be able to bring visitors under the radar more precisely. Whenever a visitor tries to enter the school premises within school hours, he has to press a buzzer and look at a security camera to have a conversation with the front-desk executive. After this conversation, if the visitor can satisfy the executive, he will be allowed in. Interestingly, this advanced system keeps the doors locked during schools hours.

In recent years, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting killing almost 17 people and Santa Fe High School shooting killing nearly 10 people shattered the U.S. schools, and in this scenario, this step to escalate security can be counted as one of the most important and relevant measures to ensure the safety of the young minds.

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With the growing violence and changing styles of the attackers, it has become tough for the schools to address these problems through conventional security measures, and the Forest Grove School District has exhibited how human workforce and technological innovation have to be integrated in a proper way to address the issues related to security in a meditated way. Undoubtedly, every school has to undertake such radical steps to defeat ruthless attackers.

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