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Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

It is vital to bring in technological transformation in an organization to set off innovation

FREMONT, CA: The pace at which new technologies in the form of devices and extended reality are being included in the classroom is accelerating, so more schools are overcoming the hurdle by adopting innovations. Below are five technology facilitators that help organizations to find expansive opportunities in education.

• Portable Devices: Wearable or handheld tools that can be connected to the internet and make knowledge creation or consumption possible.

• Adaptive Technologies and Analytics: These are technologies that assess learning and facilitate personalization.

• Extended Reality: A buzzword that encompasses virtual Reality, augmented, and mixed reality, a set of technologies that advances the physical world with interactive graphics and digital imagery.

• Cloud Infrastructure: A virtual infrastructure enables IT services to move away from being present at the school campus physically. 

• Blended Learning: A method of instruction in which children learn using online media and conventional face-to-face interaction

More additions in the field of blended learning to drive innovation include:

• Recognize an opportunity or a problem to tackle.
• Describe the goals, vision, and measurement.
• Engaging the population.
• Talk about learning and teaching models and techniques to make sure that they fit into the school perspective.
• Choosing digital technologies wisely supports the goal.
• Offer professional growth for teachers and leaders.
• Encourage a compassionate school atmosphere and culture.
• Design flexible learning and teaching environments.

Similarly, when it comes to facilitating adaptive technologies and analytics, the tools might be on the downside of the data collection. Data quality and data privacy are two issues that need to be fixed before putting these technologies into practice.

The role of teachers is essential when it comes to employing all the tools mentioned above, and one should not rely on them but should focus on improving personalized learning.

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