Ways to Offer Meaningful Feedback for Online Courses

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 02, 2019

A few ways to offer meaningful feedback is by setting clear expectations from the students on the course, personalizing it and making it actionable.

FREMONT, CA: The frequent feedback that teachers get to offer in a conventional classroom setting is not always possible in case of digital learning. So, how does one create a favorable learning environment in an online classroom and prevent students from feeling isolated?

Productive feedback can transform a student’s learning experience by encouraging them to deal with criticism, reflect, stay motivated and learn better. Conversely, offering feedback in an online course is not as straightforward, so lack of meaningful view is one of the biggest challenges online learners face.

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Here are a few ways to offer meaningful feedback to online learners.

Set Clear Expectations

When designing the lesson for an online course, educators must think of what they want the students to accomplish. By setting the expectations and giving specific instruction during the commencement of the course gives learners a thought of what is expected of them. Sharing the guidelines of the program and grading metrics in addition to communicating due dates assists pupils to be alert thereby minimizing the miscommunication.

Make the Feedback Actionable

If a student’s assignment is impressive, then teachers can bring to pupil’s notice what stood out and not just leave them with a good job reward. Likewise, if any learner needs improvement, then teachers need to mention what the student needs to focus on and the approach that can be taken. Feedback is a way to add value to a learner’s instruction, so educators need to make their feedback goal-oriented and actionable to make the method more efficient.

Personalize the Feedback

Given the nature of an online learning course, it is common for learners to feel distant and remote during the lesson. One way to avoid your students from feeling disconnected is by delivering personalized feedback. For instance, educators can mention the name of the student while providing feedback, which also helps in connecting with the students. So, giving tailored feedback to the students can additionally assist them in maximizing their potential.


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