Ways to Strengthen College Campus Security

Education Technology Insights | Monday, September 05, 2022

Authorities need current campus maps and building designs to respond promptly and successfully in an emergency.

Fremont, CA: It's critical to ensure their safety when tens of thousands of students return to their national institutions, enroll in in-person programs, and relocate to on-campus residences.

On a college campus, it is hard to keep track of every student; thus, heightened security is essential. Therefore, the two most urgent issues are how to increase campus security and assess whether the present security measures are working effectively.

• Establish a Security Team

Since most campuses are a part of a much wider community, it's crucial to have strong relationships with the campus police, first responders, and local law enforcement.

Authorities need current campus maps and building designs to respond promptly and successfully in an emergency.

A chain of command must get established as the first step in properly safeguarding the campus. A security team might be a defining moment in a crisis on small campuses or huge colleges.

• Lights

Even while flickering lights might not be at the top of users' list of security concerns, they are a small issue but have a big influence on campus crime rates. It has got demonstrated that well-lit locations minimize crime, and strong security video from the security cameras that are already in place is also a must.

• Access Control Systems

Keeping tabs on who enters and leaves college facilities may be challenging. Only those with a valid card or fob could enter secure areas using access control systems.

• Surveillance cameras

Monitoring security cameras can help stop crimes before they start. If an incident happens, they also give a chance to gather information to comprehend what happened and prevent it from happening again.

• Reinforce Doors & Windows

A comprehensive security strategy should include access control systems, security cameras, on-campus police, and security lighting. These security measures must nevertheless create a physical barrier to thwart break-ins since they fail to account for the possibility of forceful entrance.

The new Gen II frame system gets intended to get readily installed on already-existing glass buildings. This method is a cheap option to reinforce existing glass doors and windows with almost any noticeable alteration.

• Better Preparation Relates to Crime Prevention

In anticipation of returning to school this year, more than 80percent of college students are concerned for their safety. Therefore, the university must ensure that its students feel secure and at ease.

It is a huge task to protect college students, instructors, staff, and visitors. One individual cannot do everything; it requires the united efforts of many.

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