Ways to Upgrade Social Media Presence with AI

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, August 01, 2019

It is vital to remain a step forward for organizations while entering the digital sector. Organizations can stay in the race with AI's assistance and make enormous profits.

FREMONT, CA: In global operations, social media has become a broad field of interaction. Naturally, the next big thing will be social media platforms, particularly as more individuals are still joining the digital bandwagon. So, when these platforms become transactional with in-app purchases and payments, it won’t come as a surprise. If any organization wishes to remain ahead in the industry today, it is essential to enhance their social media game.

Here are a few ways to use conversational AI for social media:

• Active Incoming Commitment: Conversational AI allows companies to engage more effectively in inbound interests such as those from prospects and current clients. Using semantics, the AI-driven solution can assess the logical and lexical importance of user actions and statements, recognize different indications, and use them to guide the discussion to the required result favorably. This increases customer engagement, satisfaction, and market offering sales and cross-selling.

• Strong Outbound Efforts: Conversational AI through its "conversational as units" produces more efficient outbound outcomes. With this form of display advertising, a brand will be able to interact with its current and future customers irrespective of their location. This makes outbound marketing attempts more productive by eliminating the dependence of a brand on a client arriving on the proprietary platform. The strategy also reduces the expense of acquiring customers while improving brand awareness optimally.

• More Life Value: The AI-driven solution helps to derive higher value through more in-depth, more personalized conversational commitment throughout client lifetime. It can comprehend the tendency, purpose, and molds the interaction of individual customers accordingly. Besides, it familiarizes a client with consistent brand experience across all advertising channels.

• Self-serving Experience: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has assisted the sector in overcoming the turnaround time (TAT) challenge in voice-based customer service. It implemented a self-serving strategy to query resolution that proved to be a game-changer as customer-care representative's non-availability increases waiting time and client discontent with it. Conversational AI helps customer to come directly to the point and get results quickly for their query.

• Economic Scale: Automation driven by AI helps to achieve sustainable high cost-effectiveness through the extension of superhuman quality service. It allows organizations to hand over to the conversational AI repetitive duties and free human resources for escalation or when a client requires human help. The approach also eliminates several errors that impact the customer experience.

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