What Are The Key Features To Evaluate When Deploying eLearning Courses?

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Creating a proper eLearning content is crucial but on other hand deployment of that content is an important task, so before deploying people should evaluate some of the features.

FREMONT, CA: Due to the advancement of modern technologies, eLearning is also gaining importance in society. Creating content and deploying it are the two crucial stages. So before deploying any eLearning course, people should evaluate some features. Here are some essential features you should evaluate before you deploy your eLearning courses:

How the Data Gets Tracked

To understand whether your eLearning courses are useful or not, you have to track your data and xAPI. There are several data points to keep in mind when deploying the eLearning courses. Before selecting any tool for deployment, check the following:

Training fulfillment percentage: If you want to check whether the learners feel engaged by your content or not, then check how many people have completed who entered the course. According to this data, you can make changes to improve the content.

Average and final course scores: Learners complete the training, but they don’t learn things correctly. So the providers have to check scores with training fulfillment rate. If the training fulfillment percentage is high, but your scores are low, this means your learners are completing your training, but not retaining as much of the information as they should.

Where You Need To Deploy

Before choosing an eLearning authoring tool, it’s necessary to see whether it is easy to make content or not. However, it’s even as necessary to settle on a tool that’s flexible when it involves deploying your content. The foremost user-friendly tool won’t be of any use if you can’t deploy your content where you would like it the foremost. In this case, it’s crucial to possess the course hosted on the website. This makes it easier to capture leads, retain more users for extended periods on the website, and grow brand awareness by keeping everything branded to the creator.

For people developing eLearning content in a tutorial context, you’ll get to consider Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) support. If this is often the case, your LMS absolutely must support LTI. That’s another consideration to require under consideration before you deploy.

Ease of Deployment

This is the final and most overlooked feature before deploying the eLearning course. If you have strong data tracking abilities and flexible deployment solutions, but no easy way to implement, then you have a problem. In case you want to make frequent updates to your content, then it becomes easy when using Koantic with SCORM wrappers. This will save time and effort by avoiding re-uploading the entire course to your LMS every time you need to make a small edit.

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