What Are The Merits Of Student Information System?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A student information system can bring immense benefits for the education sector by promoting digital process for storing sensitive data.

FREMONT, CA: Does any education organization still store students’ information manually? In an era of digitization, technology can leverage every process easily. A student information system or SIS can help institutions to stay competitive by replacing manual information storage from digital storage.

Here are some of the advantages of a student information system:

1. Hassle-free recruitment/enrollment processes

One of the significant features of the student management system is a simplified student recruiting and enrollment that helps in many ways. The most destroying piece of any organization can be recruitment. The primary aim of the student management system doesn’t stop with engaging students.  It surpasses their administration desires by managing them all through the recruitment and enrollment processes.

2. Managing student information

With the help of the student information system, keeping track of all student activities across the years in one place, maintaining course information and grade book will become easier.  Handling student registration, attendance, analyzing academic progress manually is not an easy task for the institutions. SIS can input data, organize, analyze & compare information in a single go and can streamline the work.

3. Effortless Communication

A student information system can help in maintaining healthy communication with the stakeholders of an institution. For a good teaching/learning community closer interaction between student-staff, teachers, and parents are necessary, SIS will enable all communication process with different tools on a single platform.

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4. No data breaches

Data breaches are a crucial issue faced by the education sector. It is mandatory to handle the sensitive data of students and parents with great care. Organizations have to look for proficient ways to store data safely than by merely filing it in their cupboard. With the support of SIS, institutions can store data in digital form with protective measures in the cloud.

5. Builds alumni

SIS consistently deals with your graduated class relations while keeping students connected with and cheerful. Most SIS automatically includes understudies into their alumni network by default with similar client credentials after their graduation. From placements to job referrals and funding alumni system helps in multiple ways.

6. Student portal

Students can track attendance, courses, schedules, and pay dues on a single platform. With the SIS students’ portal, they can easily keep a record of their daily activities, grades and can also check topics for discussion.

7. Parental control

Parents will also get benefit from SIS as they could now quickly monitor their children’s attendance, grades, and progress with a single click. They will get time to time information in the form of reminders and notifications.

8. Academic advising

A good student information system can assess the student profile accurately towards their educational objective and can provide precise feedback regarding their work and progress. SIS can also guide students toward their goals and can show them their right track.

9. Surplus human errors

When data is handled manually, there are more chances for mistakes to creep in. Even a single error can affect the student’s entire year. SIS can boost productivity by doing all the manual work in the digital form successfully.

10. To promote effectiveness

The online system can save a lot of workforce and resources’ time by automating the entire process. On the other hand, the resource can be used for some other purpose that will leverage student’s progress.

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