What Makes Education Conferences Purposeful

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Organizers must consider a few things like objective of the event, schedule, planning for the unexpected and others to make their education conference a success.

FREMONT, CA: Often, when conference-goers are posed with a question of how the talk was, they tend to give an inadequate response. In many cases, conferences do not serve a meaningful purpose, thereby making the attendees think that it was a waste of time and money.

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Below are a few tips to make an education conference more purposeful. 


Set a Schedule for Every Day of the Conference


Apart from arranging a well-structured agenda of workshops, speakers, and seminars, the refreshments and meals must also be well-planned. The plan entices delegates to turn up on time, which adds to the productivity of the conference, and attendees do not have to wander looking for something to eat and miss an important activity.

Prioritize the Event Objective

Organizers need to set the event goals clearly from the beginning and understand the message behind why the occasion is being held. The person who delivers the keynote of the event also plays a vital part because conference-goers will look forward to a leader from the education sector to give the talk.

Plan for the Unexpected

Organizers need to be prepared for any unexpected occurrences like the keynote speaker not being able to attend the talk or the increase in the number of attendees. Planning things in advance can save some time later when something does go wrong in the event.

Check on Delegates

Interaction with delegates periodically is vital to know if they are comfortable and engaged. If any issue arises and it is not addressed at the right time, the focus on the primary purpose of the event will be detracted. Additionally, feedback from the attendees will help organizers in making the event more productive next time.

Add Value

The critical factor that organizers should consider while hosting the event is what value the occasion brings to the attendees, along with systematic and thorough research. 

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