What's the Role of Technology in the Classroom?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Technology is redefining classroom experiences for both the teachers and students.

FREMONT, CA: We live in a digital era, where technology has become the core driver of almost every industrial operation across the verticals. The realm of education is certainly not exempted from the influence of technology. The latest innovations in the learning platforms are highly modernizing the industry and making way for betterment. Today, most of the modern educational institutions are incorporating technology into classrooms. From online one on one sessions to lecture blogs, podcasts, and more, technology is sure to do wonders in the industry of education.

Top 10 Student Engagement Solution Companies - 2020Higher student engagement would now be increasingly made possible by the diverse applications of technology. From online attendance management systems that are capable of conducting a roll call and registering the presence and absence of a student, of monitoring the level of involvement of a student in the class, technology has a pivotal role to play in the classroom. Edutainment is an emerging concept that is totally driven by education technology that is evolving at a dramaticpace. Smart projectors in the classroom help the learners grasp knowledge in its original form with realistic pictures and videos projected on the screen.  This application also frees the teachers from putting in efforts into manually writing concepts on the blackboard for the purpose of explaining them to the students.

By following a practice of using a tablet or a laptop in the classroom during the class, a student can gain access to a large set of information that is universally available for the studies. In this way, lectures cannot be confined to textbooks and teachers. Also, security technologies such as computerized locks and facial recognition tools help the school authorities during the time of examinations. This helps educational institutions to prevent and fight against fraud. With technology entering the classrooms, the domain of education has completely got a transformative shift. This is furthercatching the interests of students of the millennial generation.

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