Why Distance Learning is Less Engaging for Students?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Distance learning might be challenging, but keeping students engaged is not impossible.

Fremont CA: Name it anything, remote learning, online learning, or distance learning, education looks different during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some students excel with this manner of learning, many pupils don't seem to be interested in it. Some pupils may not be present at all. Others may be in attendance, but they aren't turning in work or performing more than the absolute minimum.

Here’s why distance learning is less engaging for many students:

Students are going through stress and trauma

Experiencing stress and trauma can have a negative impact on pupils' ability to think clearly and effectively, as well as their ability to control their emotions. All of this makes it difficult to learn, think, and participate in meaningful ways in any activity. Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the national outcry over racial injustice, many students are experiencing enormous emotional difficulties. As a result, individuals may be unable to cope with the stressors that they face.

Content isn’t easily accessible

Whether students use the internet or pick up paper packets, making sure materials are available can be a huge difficulty. If pupils don't feel at ease with the system you're employing, they may skip it altogether. Getting used to a new system takes time, especially if it incorporates technology. It’s hard to assess involvement while you’re all still learning how the new system works. New ways of presenting content can keep kids away from it in some circumstances. As an example, pupils who have a hard time comprehending verbal information could find it difficult to follow video classes. Instructions and materials that rely heavily on text may prove difficult for students who require additional visual aid.

Students need more structure and support

In-person school provides the structure and accountability that many students need to stay on top of their academics. Due to the nature of distance education, students must be more self-reliant and accountable for their own education. Despite their best intentions, many families are also juggling full-time jobs with the demands of homeschooling their children. It's difficult to get back on track after falling behind in class and failing to turn in a few assignments. Instead, they may choose to disconnect.

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