Why do we Need Surveillance Cameras on Educational Campuses?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

It is essential for educational institutes to maintain security and safety inside the premises. Cameras in schools can access every corner of the building, which will assure students and other employees  about their safety within the campus.

FREMONT, CA: Surveillance cameras have altered the definition of supervising, law enforcement, and security monitoring. School and college administrators, along with students, have understood the importance of a security camera inside the premises after thefts and threats pestering the students. There are many benefits that educational institutions can experience while investing in cameras as a safety measure in their property.

1.  General Safety and Security

Educational institutes investing in surveillance cameras can assure parents that the organization has addressed the safety concerns of their children. Schools can make sure that any unauthorized visitor, such as predators, criminals, or shooters, do not enter the building. With the security camera, the organization can also keep a watch on every individual in a building.

2.  Crime Deterrent

The cameras in a university premise must be strategically located so that they can oversee every corridor of the property to prevent vandalism and theft. Besides, if the supervising cameras are adequately placed, it will put a stop to illegal activities because the areas will be under observation. Hence, it will become easy to provide evidence and catch any miscreants.  

3.  Sexual Predators

Nowadays, one of the biggest threats that vulnerable youngsters face in their institution is the threat of sexual predators and pedophiles. Predators generally hang around discreetly in school campuses or parking lots, and the footage from cameras can help the police in tracking them down.

4.  Emergency Response

The school security personnel who are in charge of the camera systems can take quick action in emergencies like fire or any other potentially dangerous situation. Cameras will help the administrative body to attain direct knowledge in case of any urgent situation, which will make it easier for them to evacuate children and employees 

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