Why Educational Facilities are Using Modern Student Engagement Platform

Education Technology Insights | Friday, April 30, 2021

Universities are using a modern student engagement platform as it has various features and advantages that they can use to achieve success in operations and services. 

FREMONT, CA:Universities are increasingly turning to a student engagement platform to help them handle student communications, stay organized, connect student groups, streamline processes, and monitor and quantify student engagement. Traditional student engagement tools can help them achieve all these goals, but they can be limited in modern functionality and essentials for today's student.

Modern student engagement platforms go further than the basics, including various features and advantages that can help universities succeed in operations and services. Traditional student engagement platforms struggle to engage in multiple ways fully, while modern platforms have a significant effect on student engagement:

Don't forget the social component

Every day, Gen Z spends about two hours and 55 minutes on social media. It is almost an hour longer than the average millennial. Rather than hosting the social efforts across multiple locations, choose a platform that allows the students to communicate with their classmates.

The universities can utilize the platform's ability to accommodate everyone on the campus and have different ways to interact and socialize. They can use all the social media features in one place to keep the students and staff engaged and interested, including direct messages (DMs), public channel chats, group messaging, photo/video post capabilities, and polls.

Mobile-first over mobile-friendly 

Using mobile devices to go online, check texts and email, open favorite apps and spend a lot of time browsing, commenting, liking, and repeating those steps has become second nature, whether students are outside or relaxing at home. When it comes to university students, it is normal for them to depend on mobile to check school notifications, campus news and checks their student engagement platform for the latest information.

Universities can choose a platform that is developed and configured for both Android and iOS users. If students spend approximately three hours a day on social media and about 11 hours a week on their phones, in that case, they can provide a mobile-first experience that ensures a positive app experience regardless of the mobile device they use.

Avoid juggling several disparate platforms, accounts, and processes

In most cases, universities must depend on several platforms to effectively handle all of these functions. Instead of switching between different platforms and accounts to operate, they can use a modern platform that incorporates functionality and is designed to manage a wide range of engagement.

Instead of learning and memorizing multiple channels, assigning different team leads for every account, and potentially underutilizing platforms they have invested in, focus on one platform, a place where they can cover all the ranges, boost social interactions, and collaborate with tools the team wants to use.

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