Why e-Learning Trend is Important More than Ever?

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 09, 2019

While catering to a large diverse audience one needs to mix and match various strategies to keep them easily engaged. Here are some of the trends that can give a boost in the L&D strategies.

FREMONT, CA: Learning and development strategy is necessary for a company as it makes sure the organization reaches its desired goals in the future. Firms are trying to look out for new and different ways so that learning becomes more engaging so that it catches their interest and try to adopt it. Here are few of the custom eLearning trends that will help to enhance the L&D strategies.

1. mLearning

Education has evolved from the trend of eLearning to mLearning, so mobile learning is not just an option anymore; it has become a must. Mobile learning can give the learners time and space so that they can gain knowledge comfortably. Most learners engage with their courses at the time of need, meaning they view the study material when they need information or in their free time. Mobile learning can be considered as the most custom eLearning trends and also one of the best options for microlearning.

2. Informal Learning

To learn new concepts, one cannot always depend on training sessions. In the world of professionals, one can learn more through interactions with their colleagues, clients, and bosses. Many online tools support informal learning that offices can use to increase communication among employees. These tools will help the employees to discuss, debate, or gather information on any subject which may be office-related or other news.        

3. Micro Video

Videos are the most engaging part of digital media and catch the attention of a learner faster than any other method. It is one of the best platforms where most mobile learning takes place. The shorter videos are better for busy learners as they save a lot of time, and it is also convenient for them. These factors have immensely pushed the eLearning industry to focus on creating visually impressive and effective small videos.

4. Content Creation

Sometimes it might become difficult to learn not because of lack of content but too much of it. Too many materials can easily confuse the learners as it becomes difficult for them to understand the essential parts of the content. Plenty of content is the reason why the maximum of the companies has started adopting content curation as a part of the L&D strategy.

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