Why is Learning from Home the New Norm?

By Education Technology Insights | Friday, July 24, 2020

Online education is the new formula helping teachers teach, and students learn right in the comfort of their home.

FREMONT, CA: Virtual learning is now becoming a vital part of the education system. Busy classrooms, the hustle and bustle, and talks and play are all now given the aura of digitalization. Online learning technologies are succeeding in transforming the student’s living room into a classroom. With the modern regulations and policies influenced by the COVID virus, the educators are increasingly embracing distant learning applications, virtual learning methods, and more. Online learning programs are now diversifying its arena to include a multitude of courses on all the levels of education spanning school, college, and higher studies. Top 10 LMS Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

The pandemic has brought the era of contemporary education, and digital learning is becoming the mainstream. Unlike traditional education, online education programs support a wide panorama of courses and information. With this, students gain access to a range of educational texts which are not restricted to geography, age, pre-defined criteria for eligibility, documentation requirements, and more. The paradigm of online learning has got to widen the reach of education, thereby making the spreading of literacy increasingly dynamic.

Students are allowed to attend classes at the utmost ease as digital learning allows for learning from anywhere. Along with comfort, digital education tools support tools to record the session, replay, computerized notes making features, access to real original information through share screen, and more such conveniences. Pre-recorded lectures and tutorials are also immensely gaining traction. They reduce the levels of strain on the teacher as repeated teaching sessions need not be carried out. In contrast, virtual sessions also support one on one sessions, which bolsters the interaction between the teacher and the learner. Live sessions are another aspect of online education, which help students to cope with the syllabus and set a personalized pace for learning.

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