Why Is Mobile Learning Important in Education

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The use of technology in the educational environment is not new. Institutions have been using computers and similar smart devices for decades from now. Online classes are a part of the educational system today. But for last few years, in particular, a new trend is rapidly taking over the sector and that is mobile learning or m-learning. It is defined as a way to facilitate education through devices like smartphones and tablets.

Mobile learning can offer study materials including texts, videos, and audios. It allows individual consuming. There is no interaction between teachers and students which makes it an asynchronous way of learning. Getting immediate feedback from teachers is possible when students interact with teachers during lessons through smart devices.

These mobile devices allow teachers and students to access digital content in a very personalized manner. Connected mobile devices can improve the educational outcome in a dramatic manner. The mobile application market is bringing a considerable number of educational applications which is increasing the interest in learning and makes it possible to attend examinations via educational applications. Virtual reality or gamified learning applications are new techniques that can totally reshape the way people learn. These ingredients are really creating a healthy environment for the global network of learners.

The advantages of m-learning can be listed as

1. Provide access to learning content from anywhere and anytime

2. Motivates students to learn as they are using smart devices

3. Availability of more content

4. Powers teachers and students work together from a long distance

It is evident that learning is becoming more effective when provided with m-learning driven environment. Mobile devices have the potential to create an effective collaboration between a group of learners. Discussion forums, social sites, blogs, containing information can be shared with greater ease.

However, there are certain drawbacks in depending on m- learning which should be considered seriously. They are mobile devices distracting participants, the power consumption etc. Even though these pain points distracts them-learning process, it is possible to find solutions to prevent them, which can create a fruitful and healthy ecosystem of learning.

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