Why Student Engagement is Important in Online Learning

Education Technology Insights | Friday, June 18, 2021

With the increasing demand for online education, educators must concentrate on student engagement and participation during the learning process. 

FREMONT, CA  The classes are now available online, but teachers must maintain order among the pupils. Disciplinary methods are no longer an option because kids may block it out. The idea is to increase student involvement in online classes.

What Is Engagement?

Engagement can be described as "the act of engaging or the condition of being engaged," with "greatly interested" as a subset. Engagement can be considered as a measure of a student's participation in the learning process in the context of education. This covers how they connect with the teacher and their classmates.

The level of student engagement is a solid indicator of the probability of an effective learning experience.

Why Is Student Engagement Important for the Learning Process?

Engagement can be defined as things that can remain in memories for life. Choose any memory, and it will be there in the mind because users can be engrossed at the time. Education is no different. And therein is the problem, particularly in the case of online schooling. The classes have to be exciting and engaging.

Low student involvement leads to boredom, alienation, low achievement, and increasing dropout rates (from the school or the school). This is especially true in the case of distance education.

How to Increase Student Engagement through Virtual Classroom Sessions

With web conferencing tools, online classroom education is performed in real-time in a virtual classroom. This is also the most commonplace for a student's interest to decline. The days of talking heads are long gone. Make sure real-time doesn't turn into "surreal-time."

Here are some suggestions for the teacher-led class time:

Explain. Understand that for some of the students, the class may be the first online classroom experience. Explain how everything works before the first class to ensure that everyone has a good time. Educators should consider making an introductory video and ensuring that all students have access to the relevant hardware and software.

Intros. If educators are starting with a fresh set of students, it is necessary to introduce themselves at the start of class and get everyone to (briefly) present themselves.

Requirement. Develop lessons or activities that need active involvement and engagement. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is to use interactive lessons.

Formats. To communicate, the educators can use different formats and combine things with multimedia such as PPT presentations, videos, infographics, quizzes, branching scenarios, infographics, whiteboard animations, and screencasts.


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