Why the Education Sector Needs Cybersecurity

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, June 17, 2020

It is important for educational institutes to manage their cybersecurity for the safety of their students and the sensitive data collected in the systems.


It is high time the educational institutes must prioritize their cybersecurity. In the last few years, institutes have witnessed multiple such attacks from cybercriminals despite them facing significant challenges with a shortage of resources, funding and lack of employees.

It is essential for every school and college to apply for cybersecurity not only as a protection against financial loss and to avoid disturbance but also to protect the students so that cybercriminals cannot harm them. To prevent issues, the institutes have to ensure that the applications and systems available over there are secured and can defeat the challenges.

However, before implementing cybersecurity, the educational institutes must know the several reasons for which these criminals are interested in attacking the school data. Here are some of the popular causes and challenges that the sector needs to know to understand the value of cybersecurity.

Top 10 Security Solution Companies - 2018An educational institute varies in purpose, stature, and size due to which motive of the attacks will also differ from one another. Therefore, it is vital that the institutes calculates the risk and understand the data that can be vulnerable to unauthorized access.

DDoS attacks

This attack is commonly known as the Distributed Denial of Service, and it is a popular type of harassment. The cybercriminals can conduct this attack on every level of an education venue because their main motive is to create extensive disruption in the network of the institute so that the level of productivity decreases.

Since the DDoS attack is an easy one, so it is considered that most amateur criminals conduct it mainly is the network is not secured.


The primary reason due to which higher education, such as universities or colleges, becomes a point of interest for hackers is valuable intellectual properties. Many such institutions have sensitive research work that can be compromised by hackers. The cybercriminals can steal these scientific or engineering research works and sell them at a considerable amount of money.

Data theft

This attack can also affect every level of education because the institutes have the data of their students and staff, which consists of personal information like addresses and names. This information is essential for the cybercriminals for various reasons. For example, they can sell the information to a third party for some amount in return or utilize it to bargain for extracting money. Data theft can be dangerous because the hackers can remain unnoticed for a long time.

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