Why the Overburdened Teachers in Europe need Technology?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A teacher shapes the future of students; however, with trivial administrative tasks, they are overburdened. Thus, an efficient learning management system crucial in performing their key task—teaching.

Fremont, CA: Teachers are fundamental to a student’s life. A motivated teacher is crucial to the classroom as they encourage students to learn in a fun and engaging manner. However, teachers are overburdened with work. According to the 2019 Teaching and Learning International Survey, the teachers in England work more hours than anywhere else in Europe. The teachers work 47 hours a week on average to develop their students, which is nearly 10 hours more than the European average.

The non-teaching aspects of their job surprisingly strain the overburdened teachers in Europe. The continuous long hours spent on unnecessary work such as data collection for arbitrary government targets is not only exhausting teachers mentally but also physically. With 33 percent leaving the profession before completing five years, the retention rates are an all-time all.

The Department of Education unveiled an Education Technology Strategy in which the authorities pledged to strip away workload that is trivial and assists teachers to focus on teaching.  However, concrete guidance is still missing. Notably, schools need support on balancing the workloads while improving measurement and increasing accountability. To achieve this himalayan task, investing in technology might be the most reliable option.

The concept of analytics in education is derived from the idea of using data in the commercial world, which has led to tech-enabled virtual learning environments. As an instance, a learning man

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agement platform, if used appropriately, helps save time by automating laborious administrative tasks driving better teacher and student collaboration. 

While some teachers are concerned about the automated systems removing control from the classroom, the learning management platforms will not only replace obsolete time-consuming systems but also takes steps to support teachers in performing the core task—teaching. From a school's perspective, technology helps schools attain outstanding ratings. Adopting a learning management platform allows schools to capture data on learners sophisticatedly. It changes the way schools measure progress. The schools can assess research skills, applied knowledge,

 and practical ability instead of standardized tests, which measures the student's ability to absorb.

Adopting automation is needed by educational institutions to develop technologically and reap the benefits of next-level analytics in education. In summation, automation and education technology needs to be embraced by the majority of institutions.

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