With EdTech, a Dash of Emotional Intelligence is What's Desired

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

While AI lends itself to learning common themes and learning patterns, emotional intelligence helps in connecting the human race to do more.

FREMONT, CA: Be it autocorrecting the typed words or talking to a chatbot while seeking help for a service, Artificial Intelligence today has entrenched itself in every facade of life with a rapid emergence. The existence of AI in people’s lives has reasoned more than one person to lament about how they could talk to a human being.

So, emotional intelligence is vital for people to relate to others for their well-being and success.

Emotional Intelligence One Can’t Live Without

If teachers expect their students to interact appropriately with others, manage stress, and make the right decisions, then educators must educate them on emotional intelligence. Several things constitute emotional intelligence like the set of soft skills recognized as essential but put aside to chase other learning objectives.

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Following skills are vital to the growth of emotional intelligence:

• Listening: Most communication centers incorporate active listening so that pupils can articulate their thoughts. Conversation participants who do not partake in active listening face difficulties in adopting emotional intelligence.

• Showing Empathy: The capability to show compassion is one of the most significant characteristics that a being has. By teaching children empathy, educators can demonstrate how to respect another person, what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes and to be considerate.

• Self-Control: Artificial intelligence shows excessive patience when working with learners. While students, on the other hand, are not mechanized to that level of self-control, so teaching them how to recognize and control one’s feeling is crucial for emotional intelligence.

Many organizations find it challenging to estimate emotional intelligence, and fewer teach it. The curriculum consists of core subjects that can be measured and monitored, so emotional intelligence is not easily incorporated.

Artificial intelligence has its place occupied in the schools and is not going away. So, rather than avoiding technology, teachers can embrace AI to make better use of it in their instruction. By permitting the AI programs to take over personalized lessons centered on deep learning, educators can focus their understanding of what machine learning does. The knowledge on the application can help faculty in connecting with students on a personal level.

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