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Nele Mletschkowsky, CEO and Managing Director, quofoxNele Mletschkowsky, CEO and Managing Director Since well before we were flung into a state of crisis, smart companies have been asking tough questions about traditional approaches to training and developing their people. Given that the modern “all-online digital learning” approach had largely not played out in the past, especially since some of the most important management competencies are best taught and learned in-person, it appeared to be insufficient in developing interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to engage and influence others.

That said, as 2020 threw a curveball at us in the form of the novel Coronavirus, enterprises and businesses leaders all over the world are now compelled to rethink how they can develop and train their people, and create and strengthen organisational capabilities and culture when they simply cannot get together in person. According to the recent Fosway study, “How is COVID-19 Changing Learning?”, 71 percent of survey participants experienced increased demand for digital learning from end-users. COVID is not merely accelerated the adoption of digital learning but intensified the need to upskill and reskill the workforce as quickly as possible—managers must coach more (as they should do anyway), and HR and training departments have to be more creative in their programming.

As organisations are actively wrestling with the questions of how to invest in their people to develop skills, stay resilient through this pandemic, fortify their cultures, and help employees execute and create value for all their stakeholders, global learning platforms like quofox are simplifying the answer for them by delivering a next-gen learning and training ecosystem. Nele Mletschkowsky, CEO and Managing Director at quofox, explains, “Our enterprise learning solutions empower customers to adapt to the new learning and development paradigm in the midst of unprecedented change and digital transformation. As a result, HR leaders can see us as their ‘supply chain for learning and development.’ Our learning solutions are easy to implement and empower customers to drive innovation through a smarter workforce.”

Reorienting the Digital Learning Strategy

quofox delivers a cloud-based learning platform (quofox easy / quofox easy plus) to quip SMBs with the solutions they need to improve employee skills and drive better results. The key components of our platform include:

• Course Marketplace:

“We have built our exclusive course library primarily by engaging our world-class community of training vendors, trainers and coaches. In addition, we offer curation services, blended learning and industry specific course libraries for automotive, insurance, tech companies, allowing users to apply knowledge related to their industry and on-the-job scenarios,” adds Nele.

• Skill Assessments:

• Learning Paths: Based on either the assessment or a user’s goals, quofox’s learning paths are personalised to take users through a set of courses, learning groups, self-study materials— all designed to help them master a particular subject area.

• Mix and Match/ My Learning: Through its learning analytics tools, quofox enables learners to align learning to individual responsibilities, preferences, skill gaps, time and budget. quofox “Mix and Match” helps users find out whatever comes next and guides users on how to develop desired skills. Using machine learning, modern testing approaches, advanced statistical analysis, and data, quofox creates a smarter, more personalised development journey.

While quofox’s platform is designed for enterprise learning and development, it can be used by any professional at any skill level, who has an interest in improving their skills. Nele remarks, “We offer a range of courses from beginner to advanced skill levels, with significant granularity within each topic so users can access the content most relevant to their specific needs. They can access our platform to learn anytime, anywhere, anyhow.”

The key benefits of the platform include:

Integrated Content, Skills, Learning and Training Platform: According to quofox, learning as a lifelong and individual process. As an enterprise learning platform, quofox ensures that learners and companies are capable of developing the skills that are most useful to them throughout their lives.

High-Quality Curated Learning Content:

Optimised for On-Demand Accessibility: quofox’s learning platform is an on-demand solution that allows globally distributed users to access courses anytime they want from almost any provider. Furthermore, the content can be seamlessly integrated into leading learning and talent management systems like Cornerstone OnDemand, Degreed, Saba, ServiceNow and many more.

Spotlight on Education

quofox for Education (EDU) is a white-label learning solution for business and designed for education and academies. By developing a smart, white-label learning platform, quofox is empowering academies and training companies to drive innovation in this period of digital transformation. Nele says, “We offer them a course marketplace to expand their offering and drive innovation, expand their customer base and gain new learners. We utilise a cloud-based SaaS delivery model that enables our partners to regularly make new content and learning offering to deliver consistent skill development across distributed customers.”

quofox believes that its model provides a significant advantage compared to traditional learning and development offerings by connecting learners and teachers in a renewed way. In addition, the platform can be deployed with little to no implementation. Through quofox EDU, the company provides both business and trainers with the ability to stay smart, grow and remain relevant, and drive results and innovation.

“We identify and acquire prospective training partnersbased on their skills, experience in (digital) learning and concepts, popularity, and ability to effectively train along with their commitment to advancing knowledge about their disciplines,” Nele shares. The authors are assigned to quofox’s quality seal and dedicated partner managers to help them select topics and create a quality-first learning framework for their courses.

Combating the COVID Crisis

To say that COVID has unexpectedly upended our lives, won’t be an exaggeration. With drastically restricted social environment and life-changing circumstances, coping with this new phase of isolation has been difficult for many, leading to insecurity, fears, tension, irritability, aggression or depression.

At a time when clinics and care providers are occupied with COVID-positive patients, the focus on mentally ill people has been very limited. This gave rise to the need for interventions that people can also reach at home and through which they can strengthen their mental health.

Together with Centrum Isartal GmbH & Co.KG, which specialises in therapy and coaching measures in crisis situations, quofox has developed an interactive 14-day online learning program under the professional guidance of specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy along with the participation of sports scientists, mental and motivational trainers, philosophers and theologians. The online learning program “Imagination gives courage” is developed with 14 course units aimed at adults of all ages. It is designed to absorb crises, give structure, convey the joy of life and, through mobile learning and gamification elements, encourage the discovery of one’s own creativity and imagination to get through difficult phases.

The program is created in a way such that all individual units can be carried out and practised alone at home or with limited personal freedom. The aim is to stabilise the well-being and to prevent the manifestation of psychological disorders of the participants. The program includes videos, materials for download, webinars, individual advisory contacts via the web and a group function for exchanging information between the participants. It is based on scientifically established therapy methods, in particular on elements of cognitive and behavioural therapy, including exercises for structuring the day, relaxation, movement, enjoyment training as well as mindfulness-based and meditative exercises. New skills are activated or learned every day. The aim of “Imagination gives courage” is to help in personal or social crisis situations and improve psychological resilience to overcome difficult times without lasting psychological impairments and to emerge from them as strengthened as possible.

"Our enterprise learning solutions empower customers to adapt to the new learning and new work paradigm in the midst of unprecedented change and digital transformation"

Sights Set on a Promising Future

quofox plans to continue expanding its course library to address the most relevant topics for users. Nele notes, “We anticipate continued strong growth of our skills platform as we build out content in new areas like cloud, data science, agility, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and security.” The company has introduced several platform features that have been integrated into its cloud-based skills platform, including skill and role assessments, mix and match and learning paths. With an aim to strengthen its position as the go-to platform for HR leaders, quofox will continue to add additional features to deliver on innovation strategies.

quofox also intends to capitalise on the opportunity to expand internationally, particularly where there are large employment groups for multi-national businesses. The company is busy acquiring customers around the world and is building sales teams in Europe to further address these large markets impacted by a rapidly changing environment. quofox’s direct sales force is created to focus on business sales. “We intend to pursue a greater proportion of large scale, recurring business transactions and to more effectively drive business customer engagement throughout the life of the relationship,” ends Nele.

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Nele Mletschkowsky, CEO and Managing Director and Sabine Urbanski, COO, Bernhard König, CTO, Guido Heinz, (CPO), Torsten Hasenclever, (CSO)

quofox is the ideal all-In-one solution for companies, authorities and educational institutions of all sizes, making sustainable, user friendly and cost-effective education and training. quofox’s enterprise learning solutions empower customers to adapt to the new learning and development paradigm in the midst of unprecedented change and digital transformation. As a result, HR leaders can see the company as their ‘supply chain for learning and development.’ The learning solutions by quofox are easy to implement and empower customers to drive innovation through a smarter workforce