Registar Systems: Enhance Student Enrollment and District Communication

Richard Lessard, President, Registar SystemsRichard Lessard, President
Founded by a team of experienced K-12 professionals and leaders in the space of educational administrative software and process improvement, Registar Systems’ sole mission is to develop, implement, and support online registration and workflow management systems for school districts. To this end, the company offers a host of systems that acts as communication channel between the schools and parents, covering everything from parent self-service student registration fees, Summer School Registration, Free and Reduced Meals applications, remote document submission, and electronic signature to online approvals and email notifications. Designed from the ground up to easily accommodate the unique requirements of K-12, these systems are customizable and flexible to be incorporated into existing district administration and student information systems and streamline workflow, simplify reporting and sharing of information.

The firm’s flagship product—Registar Online Student Registration System— allows users in both the educational community and school district to upload and review documents, process registration, approve online and communicate more efficiently with anytime, anywhere web access. It offers real-time access to data such as student, parent, guardian, emergency contacts, and residency questionnaires. The solution allows reviewing completed student registrations and automatically routing them for additional approvals.

The Registar Vortex® Configuration Management and Workflow System gives Districts the ability to modify, update, and configure Registar for Parents, district registrars, and managers including online approvals and managing their workflow functions. It allows managers to review enrollment information, parent information, school and grade requests, view documents and information reports, and approve requests. “The approval workflow and approval role-based security features allows district staff to see only the information for their department, thus further enhancing student information security,” remarks Richard Lessard, President, Registar Systems.

In addition, the Registar Student Information System Integration delivers trouble-free transfer of student information, documents, parent and guardian information to the district SIS or data warehouse for real-time tracking and updates.

Registar Systems has adopted DotNetNuke (DNN) Application Frame Work for its solution portfolio. DNN is a web content management system based on Microsoft .NET. that allows management of websites without much technical knowledge and easy integration with third party apps. It is also a development environment with the vision to evolve its software through community participation and the sharing of knowledge. In addition, the solutions are built upon robust Microsoft SQL database for easy deployment, simple management, and long term value. “Our customers have easy access to the full set of Registar data and Schemas with their installation and annual updates,” says Lessard.

Registar Systems’ sole mission is to develop, implement, and support online registration and workflow management systems for school districts

In an instance, Adlai Stevenson High School District 125 in Illinois, with more than 4000 students, outgrew their traditional registration system; they started searching for an innovative solution to effectively handle the large student registration and management. Finally, planning to move forward with improved technology, they chose Registar System’s solutions. The firm’s solutions delivered utmost flexibility and simplicity in managing the large number of student information and registration, as well as fast and efficient technical support. “The platform allowed seamless capturing of any data that the school required. Furthermore, it allowed customization and modification of various fee structure and backend processes for the school, when required.” said Doug Kahler, Director of Information Services.

Being comprised of experienced K-12 professionals with strong track records in software development, professional services, sales and support, the Registar Systems team guides school districts in the process of delivering a successful, on-time and on-budget implementation. “We take a thoughtful and detailed approach to all of our customer implementations from project management, training, consulting, and technical services to on-going support—we are committed to your success,” concludes Lessard.