ReviewStudio: Intuitive Review Tools for Digital Media

“Today, even some of the largest creative agencies and production studios use a mixed bag of solutions to manage collaborative workflows and organize feedback and approvals,” points out Stuart Feldman, Co-founder and President of ReviewStudio. “As a result, much of the project-related communication ends up disjointed, resulting in project delays, errors and inefficient workflows.” As creative projects are constrained by increasingly tight deadlines and budgets, creative teams require the capabilities to better manage the iterative review and approval cycles inherent in design and production workflows. Canada-based ReviewStudio’s collaborative platform offers a real-time, mobile-friendly application that allows creative project groups to share, markup and approve multiple forms of digital content such as video, images, and PDF files. “The core value of ReviewStudio,” explained Feldman, “ is in providing an intuitive, visual platform for rapidly collecting and consolidating feedback and approvals throughout the project development process.”

The core value of ReviewStudio is providing an intuitive visual approach to collect and consolidate feedback and approvals throughout the project development process

In education, ReviewStudio is particularly well suited for supporting collaborative teams in design and media arts including video production, animation, photography, and graphic design. “Most of the standard collaborative tools used in education today tend to focus around the idea of the discussion thread with the visual media itself being relegated as a secondary ‘attachment’ to the discussion,” explained Feldman. “ReviewStudio reverses the paradigm by placing the digital media itself at the center of the discussion so that all project feedback can be clearly and concisely indicated in context. This approach makes it far better suited for projects involving visual media.”

“Another important aspect of developing creative projects is the different modes of collaboration that are typically required” emphasizes Feldman.

“For instance, there are times when team members are working from different locations or time zones and need to collect and consolidate feedback independently from other team members or educators. Then there are other times when the team needs to work together live from remote locations to brainstorm or discuss various aspect of a project together.” With ReviewStudio’s “Presenter Mode” a team member can synchronize the playback of a slide show or video with any number of online participants and stop on any frame to discuss and markup the image together.

In one example, an educational journal in video ethnography utilized ReviewStudio as a collaborative platform to manage submissions. The submissions were peer reviewed online by a panel of documentary video professionals and educators from around the globe. Students were offered direct feedback to help improve their projects and further develop their skills in documentary video production.

Feldman attributes ReviewStudio’s success to its team’s extensive experience in the creative production environment and deep understanding of client workflows. “We are very engaged with our users and see the ongoing development of ReviewStudio itself as a highly collaborative effort to meet their needs and goals” concludes Feldman.