Skaffl: Turning the Mobile into an Indispensible Learning Too

Rita Chesterton, Co-Founder & CEO
The idea of going paperless in educational institutions has always been debatable. While purists may frown upon the very thought of students not turning the pages of their paperbacks or writing down notes from each of their classes, there are some who agree with concept of learning the paperless way. This very idea, coupled with the demands of the students has led to a boom in the Mobile Learning (or M-learning) sector. Educational institutions can no longer keep technology at an arm’s length. It started with schools and colleges introducing computers to their pupils and making it a compulsory subject in their respective curriculums. In the present state, technology dominates most of the learning process. Gadgets more handy than PCs or computers— smartphones, tabs and iPads in other words—are making their way into the learning processes and aiming to change the manner in which subjects are taught.

Embracing this very approach in the M-learning landscape is Skaffl, an educational app designed from the ground, simplifying the mobile classroom. Skaffl turns the mobile device into an indispensible tool between the teachers and the students by equipping it with simple and easy-to-use apps—a brainchild of Rita Chesterton, Co-founder and CEO, Skaffl.

Crafted to provide convenience to both the teachers and the students, Skaffl enables the teachers to create activities for students to complete, plan ahead, and save activities for distribution when they need them, collect student work, and annotate and grade student assignments. The students, on the other hand are able to get their assignments and keep track of due dates, hand in their assignments from other apps, annotate and complete written assignments, and ask questions directly to their teachers using assignment comments.

"There's a big disconnect between the kind of tools companies are creating for teachers these days and what teachers actually need in their classroom," remarks Rita.

Skaffl has been created with a foundation that will allow it to grow and help the teachers with their planning and students with their organization

Much of the evolvement of the Skaffl app has been attributed to feedback received from the teachers. Skaffl has benefited the teachers greatly by coming up solutions to go paperless— after all, it's so much more easier to carry home one iPad instead of 100s of 10-paged papers that are needed to be checked. The idea of Skaffl, however, is not to make educational institutions go completely paperless, more to help teachers with grading and students with keeping a tab on their assignments.

Skaffl stands out from the rest for its complete focus on the details, on the day to day use cases which makes all the difference. Skaffl has been created with a foundation that will allow it to grow and help the teachers with their planning and students with their organization. “We speak directly to the teachers in the classroom and ask them about their needs,” affirms Rita. “Having been a teacher myself, and then a technology specialist I’ve seen a lot of great technological tools for teachers and some really bad ones,” she adds.

What was introduced as an idea to reduce the workload of the teachers quickly started making strides in the M-learning landscape. The education institutions have been witnessing an explosion of new technologies for students and teachers alike. Be it tablets, Chromebooks, thousands of new apps or web tools. As the educational sector sees a change from teacher-centered to student-centered classrooms, Skaffl aims to provide teachers with integrated solutions that help them in and out of the classroom. In the days to come, Skaffl intends to diligently take the efficacy of their solutions to new heights and build a remarkable name in the landscape of M-learning.