Skyward: Improve Student Performance, Reduce Operating Costs

Cliff King, CEO, SkywardCliff King, CEO
A Student Information System (SIS) helps administrators run the district and teachers manage their classrooms in a better fashion. However, today’s SIS has evolved from those being used in the past. While they still manage the basics like personal data, attendance, disciplinary records, the latest products on the market handle everything from grades to bell schedules to HR and payroll. As a strategic partner with school districts, Skyward combines thought leadership, best practices, and an integrated student and business management solution to help administrators improve student performance, reduce operating costs, and increase efficiencies that ultimately drive their school district to achieve success. “Our comprehensive SIS provides powerful learning analytics dashboards and enhanced communication tools to increase parent involvement and student engagement,” says Cliff King, CEO, Skyward.

Skyward’s Student Management Suite is a combination of unique office and administration solutions. The suite offers classroom tools to keep assignments, handouts, reading materials, and paperwork in one secure, online location which students can access for new posts, get feedback on their coursework, and participate in online class discussions. Also, teachers can fit their lesson plans into overarching goals and make use of curriculum maps to ensure that classroom progression is aligned with state standards and benchmarks. On the other hand, the suite also offers office and administration facilities including resource tracking, student scheduling, extensive reporting options and on-demand transcripts and unique fee management capabilities.

By utilizing a 1:1 approach instead of a one size fits all solution, Skyward helps the industry move forward by offering a comprehensive solution for a district. School districts partner with Skyward to meet a wide range of needs from managing student information, curriculum, assessments, interventions, to fiscal management and human resources.

Our comprehensive SIS provides powerful learning analytics dashboards and enhanced communication tools to increase parent involvement and student engagement

With advanced learning and management analytics from Skyward’s myDistrict360 education institutes are able to better analyze student and business information so that they can make informed decisions. myDistrict360, is a comprehensive, role-based analytics suite, which allows school administrators at both school and district levels to identify issues before they become problematic. This role-based tool serves as an early warning system for superintendents, principals, and teachers by revealing trending analytics regarding testing, discipline and attendance as well as finances.

Deer Park ISD located outside of Houston, is a district committed to innovation. The district faced a difficult decision when they found out that its SIS would no longer be supported. Sue Pike, Director of Information Services, and her team decided to look towards the future to find a new solution that would continue growing with them and opted for Skyward. According to Sue, “With Skyward, I was just so impressed with the whole implementation process. In a very short amount of time they were able to implement a system that addressed the needs of the district.”

Skyward recently updated its mobile app with four key features including improved menu navigation, home screen widgets, push notifications, and Touch ID for iOS devices. The clients opting for the app get the option to view widgets on the app’s home screen, which provide snapshots of information such as recent notifications, an employee’s time clock, or a student’s grades.

As technology evolves rapidly, Skyward is keeping a sharp eye on finding better ways to serve their clients by offering out-of-the-box SIS solutions. “Our platform gives a lot of opportunities to make life better for a school district, by increasing their fund, ensuring their accounts are right, and providing the opportunity to climb the ladder of success,” concludes King.