Snaptrends: Identifying Threats to Build a Safer Learning Campus

Eric Klasson, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO, SnaptrendsEric Klasson, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO
Since the past few decades, educational institutions have experienced a massive rise in the incidents of school violence, self-harm and other potential threats. To build a safer and secure learning environment, social media is considered to be an ideal tool, as it enables officials gain real-time information of all the potential issues before their occurrence. As the roots of social media are increasing their reach, teenagers have started using this platform to share information, preferences, and intentions via public posts or tweets on their social network. Identifying this trend, Texas based Snaptrends provides critical social media insights to parents, faculty, and staff to build a safer campus. “Maintaining the safety of every student and staff member has always been our topmost priority,” notes Eric Klasson, Chairman and CEO, Co-founder, Snapstrends.

Whether the threat comes from a student, staff member, or from an external source, “Our solution acts as a valuable asset for schools to keep an eye and ear on identifying cyber bullying and potential violent situations,” says Klasson. This is achieved with Snaptrends’ ability to monitor multi-location or single location, deliver real-time and historical views, and customizable real-time threat alerts. Working with Snaptrends, schools can easily monitor social media in all their campuses and facilities, which later helps them proactively find any potential threats and respond accordingly. Leveraging these technologies, Snaptrends empowers organizations to save time with their ability to gather intelligence, track real-time conversation, and conduct world-wide or geo-specific searches through their location-based social media intelligence. “However, even when a post lacks geographic information, we have the ability to find it based on user-generated keywords,” says Klasson. This advanced technology automatically captures, analyzes, and organizes social media content from any specified geographic location, and enables users to quickly find critical information.

Our solution acts as a valuable asset for schools to keep an eye and ear on identifying cyber bullying and potential violent situations

The massive amount of social media data is often overwhelming. This is where Snaptrends’ geofencing functionality plays a vital role. Geofencing downsizes their customers’ data based on their requirements, and provides them with accurate, timely data to drive decisions and proactive responses. “Our geofencing lens allows users to track their student’s public and location-based social media post or also the posts with the keywords,” says Klasson. In one instance, using this tool, a school authority was able to curb the sale of drugs on their campus. Snaptrends software was able to uncover a prolific drug operation using their keywords that the officials had inputted.

Snaptrends also delivers customized alerts and drill-down capabilities, and assimilates social big data efficiently and graphically with their automated analytical and visualization tools. “With this, we helped our users to connect to posts and related threads on a global or location-specific basis across multiple social media networks, without missing on a conversation, blog or post,” delineates Klasson.

“Snaptrends is being used by several schools across the country to aid in prevention and early interventions,” notes Klasson. For instance, working with Snaptrends, a school once was able to save a life after the officials were alerted of a suicide threat on the student’s social media network. “Our software recognized the posts as a real threat, and promptly informed the student’s family and helped the concerned person with professional guidance,” explains Klasson.

As the use of social media inceases, “We will continue to develop powerful feature sets that provide more value to our customers,” says Klasson. The team at the firm is also working toward expanding their integrations and connecting to more popular public social media platforms around the world in an attempt to ensure that their users never miss a single detail.