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Gin Zhang, Founder and CEO, Student EduCareGin Zhang, Founder and CEO
To be enrolled in a reputed overseas school is a dream of many students entering their educational journey. For such students, recruiting companies like EduBoston and Cambridge Network are the only source of information to get the best choice of eligible schools and programs. These recruiting companies are well established and have a partnership with agencies in China, Vietnam, and all Asian countries through which they recruit international students. However, the issue is these agencies represent no more than 300 schools and only recommend schools from which they can receive the highest commission, which limits the students’ access to information on other available, and potentially better, schools. Labor expenses and long communication ladder from different time zones and cultural backgrounds also make it very difficult for recruiting companies to control service quality as well. On the other hand, there are over 15,000 K-12 schools in the U.S. that can issue I-20 forms and are eager to recruit international students, but a majority of them lack the budget and the efficient marketing channels to do so.

The need of the hour is a dynamic platform that can overcome the challenges of K-12 schools, agencies, and international students by procuring all the integrated information in one place.

To address these intricacies, Student EduCare, an education technology company, has developed EduCare, an innovative educational web and mobile platform for K12 international students to find matched schools and apply to overseas K12 schools. It also acts as the SaaS marketing channel for K-12 schools to recruit international students. EduCare utilizes advanced technologies to empower the traditional education services, reduce labor and overhead costs, and provide better comprehensive digital experiences to parents and students. The company also offers a mobile application for both Android and iOS to bridge the gap between parents, students, and teachers.

EduCare is like the Yelp of the K-12 schools in the education industry

“EduCare is like the Yelp of the K-12 schools in the education industry,” says Gin Zhang, Founder and CEO of Student EduCare. Schools can dynamically update their data on the website, in turn, allowing students and recruiting agencies to always have access to accurate and unlimited information. The smart and user-friendly set up of the website allows students to search for the best matches out of all eligible schools and programs based on big data, and apply to unlimited schools through just one profile.

“EduCare mobile application is integrated with AI to deliver supervision data and analytics, which greatly reduces labor costs while improving the real-time communication efficiencies,” says Gin. The parent portal of the mobile app allows international parents to communicate with their children’s teachers and host families overseas in their native languages with the help of the built-in AI that translates in real-time. “Parents can monitor their children’s performance feedback and receive the school’s notifications and authorization requirements all through the app,” she adds.

As the saying goes, “A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.” EduCare has accumulated several positive quotations from schools. One academy sincerely wished to achieve better communication with all international students through EduCare and believes that the platform helped them with good branding, communication, and data entry. Another international school sees the platform as a wonderful opportunity to give parents and students a more transparent admission process. Even parents have expressed their gratitude as they were struggling to talk to the teachers before using EduCare.

In the past year alone, EduCare has built a strong presence for itself, having already contracted with more than 500 private K-12 schools in the U.S. as well as several public school districts in Canada. EduCare also has contracts with activity camps, and summer schools as their target customers are not just long term study students but also the short term experienced students.

With strong financial backing from their angel investor, New Oriental Education & Technology Group, the largest education group in China, Student EduCare continues on its quest to bring the school to students directly with their “School-to-Student” business model. “We want to bring more transparency and provide a whole K-12 education ecosystem with big data,” concludes Gin.

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Student EduCare

Student EduCare

West Covina, CA

Gin Zhang, Founder and CEO

Student EduCare is an education technology company that developed a comprehensive web portal for K-12 schools and international students. Educare is a SaaS enabled marketplace for K-12 international students to find matched schools and apply to overseas K-12 schools. The company manages a mobile app called EduCare which is designed to improve communication among parents of K12 international students, teachers and host families. EduCare has been officially certified by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange and has received investment from New Oriental, China's largest provider of private educational services