Sunburst Digital: Innovation and Value for Educators

Ken Leonard, Chairman & CEO, Sunburst DigitalKen Leonard, Chairman & CEO
The education industry worldwide is undergoing a prodigious change—a revolution that is sparked by the digital learning solutions and services. With this level of technological intensification, personalized learning and teaching process can beyond doubt happen anywhere, anytime. This is where Sunburst Digital comes in. “We have a rich library of proprietary software and digital content licenses together with a sales platform composed of gifted knowledge experts connecting educators with innovative products,” notes Ken Leonard, Chairman and CEO of Sunburst Digital. Sunburst delivers and connects ground-breaking digital content solutions to schools and classrooms, aimed at fostering collaboration and accelerating student learning performance.

The firm partners with technology innovators in the education sector, like CodeMonkey, Ignite Learning, Eduspark, Speakaboos, and many more, to deliver effectual teaching changes through digital curriculum based on mobile, web, and social networking platforms. With the adoption of Sunburst Digital technology, users can witness an increased parental involvement, efficient student collaboration, enhanced localized priorities that support teacher to teacher interactions and an encouraged individual learning pathway.

Speakaboos from Sunburst is a reading motivation platform that is designed for early literacy. The platform offers extremely engaging interactive stories with rich illustrations, touch-screen story interactions, and animated pictures, attracting the kids to learn quickly. With CodeMonkey—an engaging online game— teaching real computer programming to children becomes easy, as it is teacher-friendly. This program has multifarious fun challenges with winsome vivacious characters and special online teaching tools that aid teachers to bring in basic computer science knowledge to the students in terms of preparing them for the dynamic tech era.

Furthermore, Sunburst’s Ignite! Learning is exclusively meant for teachers and parents, middle school administrators, who are displeased with the impact of the present grade level materials.

We have a rich library of proprietary software and digital content licenses together with a sales platform composed of gifted knowledge experts connecting educators with innovative products

This digital content solution intends to help schools in shifting their focus on encouraging hard and enhancing local standards-based instruction for the learners with modernized NGSS guidelines. Ponder, a browser based add-on and iOS app from Sunburst enables users to create micro-responses anyplace on the web, be it a video or a text and deals with reading activities on the websites that is listed in the Class Reading List. Adding momentum to CodeMonkey, Ignite! Learning, Sunburst offers Edusmart digital curriculum that allows teachers to engage with their students by offering dynamic multimedia lessons. The instructional modules in the multimedia lessons are purely based on research and includes research-proven multimedia content.

A cloud-based keyboarding program, Type to Learn, aims in enhancing students’ typing speed and accuracy by teaching touch typing. It is an online typing instructor for kids and has 36 different typing lessons, skill-targeted typing games embodied in each lesson, and 7 formative, diagnostic, and summative keyboarding assessments. The program consolidates all the keyboarding lessons into an exciting world of adventure and information, inclusive with all exciting innovative activities filling the cog in that digital solution wheel.

The state of digital solutions in coming years looks prolific and rests on the shoulders of organizations like Sunburst Digital, which is synonymous with innovation. Establishing itself as the preeminent resource for digital learning programs, Sunburst makes its products accessible to an even larger audience to meet the needs of its diverse customer base that demands flexibility and choice to drive strategic decision-making. Sunburst brand will continue its successful history of engaging learners, supporting teachers, and providing school districts with relevant and priority based resources to improve student achievement outcomes.