TalkPath™ Live: Revolutionizing Web-Based Therapy

Michael L. Kaufman, PhD, President & CEO, TalkPath LiveMichael L. Kaufman, PhD, President & CEO
Mike Kaufman's three decades of experience in the education sector, serving especially students with special needs, inspired him to laser-focus on optimizing technology to streamline therapies (speech, occupational, and counseling) that can help them realize their full potential and achieve academic success. With the increasing shortage of speech-language and occupational therapists and clinical social workers in schools, teletherapy is currently gaining immense traction. Kaufman's vision to bridge the gap and serve as an integral cog of the teletherapy machinery led to the genesis of TalkPath Live (TPL), a Princeton, NJ, based company that offers ground-breaking telehealth solutions, connecting people in need to licensed therapists through web-based, live, one-to-one therapy sessions. “Our solutions bring effective therapies and clinical support to students and patients in an easy, affordable, and convenient way, assisting them throughout their treatment cycle,” says Kaufman, President and CEO of the company.

TalkPath Live’s robust cloud-based communication platform, which is fully HIPAA and FERPA compliant, is designed for maximum transparency and for generating outcomes that are equal to (if not sometimes better than) the results of traditional, face-to-face approaches. As the first step, TPL carries out a tech check to optimize network connectivity and sound and video quality of the client’s device. Once therapy begins, users have access to a multitude of online targeted tools that specifically address their areas of need. For students with IEPs (Individual Education Plans), TPL meets the specific goals set by schools for each student by working collaboratively with districts to customize treatment plans. TPL’s pool of licensed therapists specializes in early-childhood intervention strategies and has the freedom to create engaging sessions tailored to each student’s abilities and interests. “We have a systematic procedure for tracking student progress that aligns with district requirements, and schools can easily access all the therapy notes/reports at the end of every session, fostering a true sense of cooperation and partnership with our school clients,” says Kaufman.

Our solutions bring effective therapies to students and patients in an easy, affordable, and convenient way, assisting them throughout their treatment cycle

TalkPath Live’s teletherapy solutions enable recipients to receive services irrespective of geographical boundaries and scheduling limitations—reaching and effectively treating students in remote areas or on home instruction, patients in rehab facilities, and individuals in the comfort of their home. TPL’s speech therapy services, for instance (their foremost area at present), have assisted patients recovering from strokes and children with learning disabilities. “Individuals who are either recuperating from a health incident or dealing with a longer-term communication challenge,” Kaufman explains, “gain confidence in their growing abilities, which not only promotes social interaction with others, but greatly improves their quality of life.” He recalls a particular student who was temporarily confined to the home receiving a combination of TPL’s speech, counseling, and academic instruction sessions. “We saved the school district significant money while the student continued to make steady progress outside the normative classroom setting.”

Deeply entwined in the company’s mission of delivering highest-quality services is the convenience factor for therapy-seeking individuals and the commitment to bring value to every session. Recognizing the particular roadblocks schools face, an added value TPL offers them is not charging for missed or cancelled sessions.

TalkPath Live’s teletherapy solutions are gradually revolutionizing the way therapeutic services are viewed and delivered across both school districts and health care facilities. In coming years, TalkPath Live envisions a deeper dive into expanding the breadth and reach of its service options, particularly to rural school districts struggling to find therapists in their vicinity. “To be available to everybody and support their requirements for therapy is our ultimate goal,” Kaufman concludes.