Teachers Media International: Connecting Educators and Schools through Social Media

Angela Ney, Founder , Teachers Media InternationalAngela Ney, Founder
Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube connect people around the world. And since education has always been about exposing individuals to new ideas, it is not surprising that the impact of social media is being felt in the education sector. Today, educational institutions are coming up with methodologies that leverage social networking sites for educational purposes. The primary driver being that it creates an atmosphere that facilitates better student and teacher communication, besides being able to share curriculum through these sites. “Educators look to social media for instant answers to their questions, but sometimes it is hard for the supporting platform to keep up-to-date with customers’ needs and demands,” says Angela Ney, Founder, Teachers Media International. “We have a dedicated team that listens and interacts directly with our audience through social media.” The company not only addresses their wants through the creation of new technology, but also by providing them with the fresh and relevant content they need. A global provider of online professional development services for the education sector, Teachers Media International (TMI) aims to ensure educators around the world are trained, inspired, and supported to achieve the best.

Providing the latest thinking in teaching, TMI offers a combination of workshops, teacher ambassador mentorship training, broadcast TV, online, multimedia products and services to dramatically improve education outcomes at national and international levels. “Alongside sharing national and international education news, we seed content such as videos, articles, or interactives from TMI which fit their needs,” adds Angela. “We tackle the need for development of technology by seeking to create communities of learners and educators.

Alongside sharing national and international education news, we seed content such as videos, articles, or interactive from TMI which fit their needs

Our ethos is ‘Teachers, teaching teachers;’ therefore we see ourselves as enablers and encourage users to share their professional development content with other educators on and off our platform.” As a global company, TMI understands how educators in different countries approach social media and caters to their needs by providing a plethora of social media channels.

TMI is creating stronger interactive platforms with synchronous and asynchronous modules and courses for teachers, responsive webinar sessions, and has mentors that users can approach for their needs via video conferencing or direct messaging. “We also understand that we as a service need to be accessible to all, so we are building a multi-language approach for our users from platform to mobile,” explains Angela. The company’s Teacher’s Media Plus service is designed to help schools access cost-effective, innovative, and flexible training, along with an extensive video library, inspiring training materials, and other key resources to deliver a rich staff development experience. The company works with education ministries across the globe including countries like Kenya, Myanmar, Liberia, and Vietnam. In Namibia, TMI works with Microsoft to train teachers on technology in a rural training center, while in Liberia they are training girls to become literacy support assistants in three rural areas.

TMI is all set to launch their 2.0 version in March alongside tracking, accrediting, building educational communities to give learners excellent quality content and ideas. The company intends to work hand-in-hand with NGOs, school districts, and publishers. “We are merging radio, broadcast, and face-to-face services on our platform so that the students can achieve their full potential and become successful global citizens,” concludes Angela.