uCertify: An Interactive Platform for Hands-On Learning

Manish Gupta, Co-founder & CEO and Prashant Gupta, Co-founder & COO, uCertifyManish Gupta, Co-founder & CEO and Prashant Gupta, Co-founder & COO
Reflecting the importance of vocational education in the modern world, Manish Gupta, the co-founder and CEO of uCertify, says, “Education is a continuous process; it is beyond age limits and boundaries. The pursuit of knowledge is never ending.” Aptly comprehending the value of education in all stages of life, he wanted to facilitate hands-on learning through highly interactive courses. To realize his vision, he collaborated with his brother, Prashant, who brings a wealth of experience in teaching and technology. The duo developed the uCertify LEARN—a platform that delivers an engaging ‘hands-on’ learning experience to diverse audiences with different proficiency levels. This led to the inception of uCertify, a company that enables professionals to acquire additional skills that are on a par with industry standards.

uCertify partners with all major publishers to create hands-on and highly interactive digital courses based on publisher’s textbooks. uCertify LEARN, the cloud-based, innovative, and interactive platform delivers learning sessions hands-on, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. uCertify nurtures the idea of encouraging students to ‘learn by doing.’ uCertify provides courses for IT, including database, security, and programming among other disciplines such as computer science and nursing. uCertify courses are designed to keep students engaged. Students start with pre-assessment followed by interactive lessons, hands-on labs, test prep and finish with post assessment. “We have a unique set of interactive tools working together to deliver a course. We have created products that help students learn better. Student experience is important to us, therefore we make sure that all our products are deeply integrated,” adds Manish.

The company caters to a vast client base majorly comprising higher education institutes, K12, and enterprise customers in the U.S. uCertify addresses clients’ varying requirements and has the ability to support nine distribution/business models. uCertify, at present, holds a prominent position in the education technology space.

As long as the SMEs & publishers can produce great content, we will continue to produce amazing hands-on, online courses

uCertify focuses on the simple principle that ‘students obtain better knowledge and results when they learn at their own pace and learn via interactive and virtual learning techniques. In order to deliver meaningful and useful hands-on experience, uCertify has developed object, software, command line, and IO-based simulation, coding sandbox, and virtual labs along with 50+ interactive items. Manish illustrates a project where uCertify assisted one of their clients in delivering asynchronous, competency-based education (CBE). The client’s association with uCertify enabled them to cater to over 100,000 students annually in a cost efficient manner.

uCertify works with over 500 institutions across 30 countries to deliver over 400 courses. Having such a large title list along with the efficacy of their technology stacks, uCertify has earned immense recognition from the Ed Tech community. The company has won 22 prestigious CODiE awards for five years consecutively—more than any other company during the award’s 31 year history.

uCertify has also garnered a significant foothold in India and further plans to roll out many courses and build bigger, better, and deeper partnerships with renowned publishers across the globe. “Our growth was between 50 and 75 percent in the last six years, and the pace of growth will continue as we move toward 2019,” says Manish. From the technology standpoint, uCertify is planning to enhance their platform by incorporating virtual reality and augmented reality into their solution. “Education will continue to move on-line and at uCertify, we are determined to ensure that students are getting real world experience even when they don’t have the benefit of a physical lab. We are thankful to our publishers and schools who are working with us to deliver on this vision,” concludes Manish.