Mussila predictions for 2021

Jon Gunnar Thordarson, Chief Executive Officer,  MussilaJon Gunnar Thordarson, Chief Executive Officer, Mussila
The year 2020 was a fantastic year for the Mussila Company; we have now more than quadrupled our paying subscribers, and schools around the world have started to use our product in the classroom. When things begin to settle, our growth will start to normalize but at double speed as before the Covid era. The world has changed, and so has the landscape of education. Digital tools are no longer a nice to have for schools; it is a need to have! This has, of course, pros and cons for the world. Privacy will be the biggest concern shortly. App Store and Googe Play are aware of that threat with stronger regulations because we need to protect the children. Mussila has been aware of that from the beginning, we have no ads inside our app, no platform for social media and therefore, Parents and Teachers can be sure that the children are in a safe environment while they are studying with Mussila, at the same time as they are enjoying the music games we provide to them.

New content is added regularly into Mussila powered by performance marketing. We have a strong publishing partner in China, NetEase. Our product speaks to Chinese parents, and their children show interest in using Mussila. We build high hopes for China and Europe in 2021. Recently our app has been doing significantly well in Russia, Italy, and the UK. Because of increased demand and more customers to serve, our team will grow. We feel and believe that we are ready to scale up faster. Our goal is to take the next step and find a global partner for distribution that can help us yo reach music teachers and parents worldwide.

At the beginning of 2021, we will go into an international fundraising round at a platform called Funderbeam. Our goal is to raise one million Euros on the platform; we have already secured half of the funds, from Icelandic Venture Studio and Angel Investors that have a strong belief in our companies vision.

We are optimistic; we know that EdTech companies need patience and believe in reaching their goals. Revenues are built on the brand image and trust that comes from the quality of the products. We have a global product with a scalable business model, an award-winning solution with a proven academic value. We are confident in our product's quality, and the more people start to use Mussila, the more people will buy it. It is a long journey and takes time; it will be a joyful ride!
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