C-4 Analytics: Helping Schools Engage with Prospective Students

Michael Weiss, Managing Partner, C 4 AnalyticsMichael Weiss, Managing Partner
The popularity of social media and its rapid ascension into our daily lives is nothing short of astounding. Social media has changed the way people communicate and share information in their personal and professional lives. It has become an ingrained part of today’s society. Subsequently, colleges and universities are beginning to embrace social media and are further using social media channels to connect with prospective and current students. Naturally, social media is offering the means to stay ahead with digital strategy and target audiences. “It is essential to have a multichannel online marketing campaign, to reach the students you hope to recruit,” says Justin Cook, Vice President, C-4 Analytics. “With students using social media progressively and researching on mobile instead of desktop, finding them through native online behavior will help schools be successful.” Amidst the ever-increasing social networks, whether it is running a successful Facebook ad campaign or launching a viral video campaign on YouTube, Massachusetts-based C-4 Analytics provides mobile-ready, multichannel campaigning and marketing solutions that enable schools to engage with prospective students across different social media platforms.

More fervently, C-4 Analytics’ social media team showcases great industry expertise in trend detection, platform integration and campaign development. The team helps its clients to reach their unique audience in the most engaging manner possible. “We help our clients determine which emerging and proven social networks are best suited for their brands based on how effectively the sites can engage their customers,” says Michael Weiss, Managing Partner, C-4 Analytics. Once the social media channels are determined, the firm’s team works seamlessly with the customer to develop appealing content and timely updates designed to encourage interaction.

Additionally, C-4 Analytics creates and delivers comprehensive digital marketing campaigns on social media networks with its range of solutions such as Analytics, Business Intelligence, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, and Audience-targeting.

All our strategy begins with comprehensive data analysis for your marketplace, industry and digital presence

“Our strategy begins with comprehensive data analysis for your marketplace, industry, and digital presence,” says Cook. The firm incorporates real-time industry and third-party data that reveals on-site behavior, geography, demographics, engagement, click path and other detailed analytics to precisely target the audience segments.

Using innovative strategies with the latest technology, C-4 Analytics continually reduces campaigning costs and improves profitability for its clients. “All of our campaigns are custom built and actively managed based on customer data to maximize the return on investment for every dollar spent,” says Weiss. Besides, the firm targets along every marketing dimension and then correlates and applies proven C-4 proprietary algorithms to target consumers wherever they are in the buying cycle. “Our proprietary platform uses advanced behavioral targeting to match the right message to the exact user,” states Cook. C-4 Analytics also provides professional web, e-mail and print design services tailored to clients’ specific needs.

C-4 Analytics bases its business model on a very simple concept: measured success. The firm has earned a reputation for elevating the image of its clients’ businesses through its commitment to innovative strategies and technology applications that continually improve profitability. “What sets us apart in the market is the effort we put in to serve our clients effectively,” affirms Cook. C-4 Analytics’ success lies in providing customized solutions for every client and developing a collaborative atmosphere for sharing insightful ideas that are leveraged across multiple platforms and channels. Going forward, C-4 Analytics will continue to raise the bar and deliver superior results to its clients by constantly learning, analyzing and pushing for performance beyond industry standards.