Bodhtree: Instilling E-Learning in Academic Institutions

Rama Krishna, Managing Director, BodhtreeRama Krishna, Managing Director
Technology has made inroads into every segment and aspect of our existence. The advancements in education technology have created a compelling scenario for students in order to scale greater heights in their development. Students today fall into an interesting situation that demands for a flexible and collaborative approach for them to connect with relevant people in more dynamic and engaging ways. By viewing the changes in technology as an opportunity to advance E-learning circumferences and particularly when a technology is in function and is widely adopted by students, there lies a responsibility for technology educators. Engaging students and providing them with a strong foundation for continued learning, today’s education solutions are imperative in terms of the development and nurturing of a student. Founded in 1999, Bodhtree provides E-learning and educational solutions that expand teachers’ reach and impact, engage students in on-demand learning opportunities, and manage many of the administrative tasks that have expanded dramatically in recent years.

With the emergence of social media, educational institutes are trying to inculcate this medium into their academic curriculum thus enabling better engagement and smoother flow of information between students and the administration. Bodhtree provides institutions with a community portal designed for students that enables them to conduct events, organize stalls and make them aware of their social responsibilities. “We design, develop, install, and deploy the educational portals among institutions and management of online classes, online library and attendance all procured through our platform,” explains Rama Krishna, Managing Director, Bodhtree.

Applications, data, analytics, and solutions are gradually being shifted into the cloud space which helps end users to access data anywhere in the world. Bodhtree enables you to leverage and thus helping educational institutions move their business to the cloud. “We offer a range of consulting services around–from license purchase to implementation, customization, integration with databases, enterprise applications and third party tools, real-time custom reporting and user training,” says Krishna.

We design, develop, install and deploy the educational portals among institutions and management of online classes, online library and attendance is also procured through our platform

Collaboration with enables students and institutions to access their information anytime from anywhere and facilitates for a centralized database to access school’s data which includes applicants, students, alumni, donors, schools, calendar, and tasks.

With E-learning solutions are moving to the cloud, Bodhtree integrates applications of educational institutions with salesforce. com via a solution called Midas. “Midas creates unified, complete, bi-directional and open data integration between and educational applications, databases, and third party systems,” says Krishna. “With accurate and consistent data across multiple systems and databases, Midas enables seamless informational flow by integrating E-learning solutions with,” adds Krishna.

A top global business school approached Bodhtree to design a solution to handle the gradual increase of online student applications and promote greater collaboration between students and recruiters. Bodhtree implemented a collaboration portal that has become a community hub for the business school, enabling recruiting, learning, and connection among both students and educators. Bodhtree helped them to up the pre and post admissions cycle through self-help tools and provided with a collaborative web portal to manage placements. Apart from enhancing placements Bodhtree enabled tablet-based curriculum and empowered online skill set assessment through E-learning and eventually facilitated networking among alumni across the globe.

Educational technology and E-learning implementation is on the rise in the contemporary world as the digitization and socialization of education has helped in improving the quality of education and simultaneously catering to more end users. To enhance the aura of E-learning in the future, Bodhtree aims to work with enterprises to eliminate manual intervention in their student management, recruitment, education, and administration processes. “Whether you are looking for a packaged enterprise application, a custom solution or a cloud-based solution, we can help you implement them and automate your processes,” concludes Krishna.