CampusGuard: Comprehensive Security Solutions for Campus-based Environments

Ron King, President, CampusGuardRon King, President
Modern college and school campuses have become like cities, filled with sensitive and confidential data that can get into the wrong hands. Universities and colleges have become a hub for cybercriminals due to the vast load of student information and regular payment processing. While several providers focus on the corporate sector, a one of its kind company—CampusGuard aims at resolving the complex requirements of educational institutions to optimize data protection. “We began by filling a vacuum that was left out by other information security companies,” says Ron King, president of CampusGuard.

The company focuses on securing confidential information that institutions have collected overtime which often forms a target rich environment for hackers. When the security department has their hands full with the physical protection of the campus, the management loses sight of information security. So in order to determine if the network is secure enough to withstand security breaches, CampusGuard performs program assessments. Expert security advisors and ethical hackers test the network for vulnerabilities. An additional scanning and penetration test is executed to secure the system against breaches.

As most universities and colleges are subjected to 260 plus regulations, CampusGuard also ensures that they follow the required compliance guidelines. A team of specialists visits the site to conduct interviews and identify the areas that don’t meet the compliance needs and simultaneously offer suggestions to attain the same. Their team of ethical hackers reviews the institution’s policies, and in case they have a problem initiating one, CampusGuard’s template of policies assists them with the same.

Policies advise the clients on their plan of action and training provides the necessary skill for performing it and awareness changes their behavior

Also, specializing in payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS), the company ensures that its clients fulfill the requirements by conducting a compliance assessment. The company even assists universities to follow the newest privacy regulation set by the European Union, making it easier for teachers and students from Europe to comply accordingly. Apart from PCI, CampusGuard verifies that their clients adhere to HIPAA, GLBA, and regulatory standards too.

In addition to their full-fledged services, they also provide policies and security awareness training to universities and colleges. “Policies advise the clients on their plan of action and training provides the necessary skill for performing it and awareness changes their behavior,” adds King. A specialized portal formulated for educational institutions to store sensitive information and track their progress has demonstrated its user-friendliness and productivity level. The ability to communicate directly with the customer relationship management staff through the portal is beneficial in case of emergencies.

In a recent case, a university approached the company for assistance with the PCI DSS compliance. The client was thoroughly impressed with CampusGuard’s expert service and approached them again to review their information security and compliance. As a result, the institution now has a foolproof and secure network trusted by the staff and students both.

After 10 years in the business, the firm has of established themselves as the only firm catering to campuses—forming long-term bonds with their clients. Planning ahead, the company will launch an enhanced portal adaptable to the evolving needs of information security. Continuing to employ experts in the industry, the company wishes to boost their growth and expand in the hospitality and healthcare sector.