Pro-Tec Design: Next-Gen Security for Educational Campuses

Eva Mach, President & CEO, Pro-Tec DesignEva Mach, President & CEO
The rapidly changing technology landscape has manifested security vulnerabilities on educational campuses in ways previously unimaginable. While educational institutions have always been a safe haven for students, shielding young minds from the negatives of the outside world, the recent school tragedies underscore the imperativeness of campus security in the education sector. “When it comes to securing educational campuses, the primary challenges are often budgetary constraints and changing technology and regulations,” begins Eva Mach, a proven expert in finance, operations, and entrepreneurship.

In a battle against security threats, Eva believes that in order to make the world a safer place, the education sector must establish a system that can protect students and staff while also being welcoming to its visitors and open to the community. As the President and CEO of Pro-Tec Design, her weapons in this battle are Pro-Tec’s powerful security solutions that accomplish their mission of protecting clients with technology and staying true to their core values. Pro-Tec Design, a 100 percent employee-owned company, takes a holistic approach to drive unparalleled protection for teaching institutions—whether K-12 or higher education—through its wide range of reliable and high-performance security solutions. “Being an early adopter of IP video and with 26 years of specialization behind us, we are a purpose-driven company committed to protecting our clients with technology,” says Eva.

Pro-Tec is recognized across the U.S. as a trusted advisor for delivering proactive security solutions, in line with the latest technology advancements. To ensure a safer environment at K-12 schools and college campuses, Pro-Tec’s solutions cover everything from visitor management, access control, video surveillance, centralized intercom communications and more.

Their visitor management solutions allow establishing a more secure learning environment while preserving the open, inviting culture for visitors. The company partners with premier manufacturers such as Lenel, Milestone Systems, Avigilon, Honeywell and Bosch emphasizing open system architecture to provide access control and video management solutions that empower clients with the flexibility to custom-fit security parameters based on their unique requirements. Pro-Tec also maintains strong relations with Axis and Panasonic for cameras and Feenics Systems for managed services access control services. Understanding the need to ensure impenetrable safety alongside budget constraints within the education sector, “Pro-Tec works hand in hand with the security directors/principals of the client institutions to assess their vulnerabilities. This helps us to craft the best security solutions at the best price point, whether it’s securing vestibules or the entire campus,” explains Eva.

What makes Pro-Tec second to none is their commitment to continuing education and learning to deepen their knowledge in industry-specific business and regulations issues. The company helps clients prioritize their security needs based on an initial risk assessment and guides them to install complex technologies in line with their business drivers. Pro-Tec brings to the table its numerous years of experience and proven expertise in securing clients from various industries including manufacturing facilities and airports allowing for cross pollination of ideas and solutions. To ensure seamless onboarding, Pro-Tec’s dedicated project managers assist clients with pre-deployment bench test, training, and required system updates. The solutions are complemented by a 24/7 helpdesk that assists with software updates and bug fixes, along with full warranty support during the warranty period. “We start with a risk assessment and then develop a solution for each client, which is followed by our proven process for installation, recommendation, and the support services that help clients to identify future changes. We go beyond just delivering security solutions to craft the best fit for the client’s environment on a limited budget,” illustrates Eva.

Pro-Tec continues to follow its core value of lifetime learning in order to keep pace with technology by investing and training in-house employees. They currently boast a nation-wide reach through its partner network and plan to expand its consulting and design and managed service offerings into the manufacturing and healthcare verticals.