CBC AMERICA: Think Security. Think GANZ Security by CBC AMERICA.

Chris Marsicano, Senior Director of Sales (Eastern Region), CBC AMERICAChris Marsicano, Senior Director of Sales (Eastern Region)
It was the second week of February 2018 when Florida witnessed a tragic incident. A psychopath shooter gained access to a large high school’s grounds situated in Parkland, Florida and shot down 17 victims. The horrific event shattered the hearts of many, reminding us of the dangers that exist for schools today. Although varying security measures have been implemented to mitigate such incidents, there is still a definite need for a more proactive approach to protecting the nation’s schools. Creating a change in this situation is CBC AMERICA by delivering intelligent network systems in critical areas in schools and campuses.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the CBC Group, CBC AMERICA is a part of strategically-located global network of manufacturing, import and export, and trading and distribution companies. “Over the past years, there has been a significant change in the security space. With a plethora of security options available for the schools to leverage, the complexity of choosing the appropriate security solution has significantly increased,” say Chris Marsicano, the senior director of sales (Eastern Region) of CBC AMERICA. Their security solutions answer the evolving industry challenges as they have been operationalized by working closely with customers and partners. CBC America takes a collaborative approach to deliver its solution by conversing with the school’s security department and partnering with technology integrators. CBC AMERICA places a strong emphasis on educating the end-user on the technology that will be employed. Marsicano adds, “Our video management system is an enterprise solution with a lot of key features and that’s why it’s important to comprehend the customer’s unique challenges before delivering our platform and integrated solutions.”

CBC’s Ganz Security brand delivers a unified and robust Video Management System—Ganz CORTROL Platform—for the education industry.

With a plethora of security options available for the schools to leverage, the complexity of choosing the appropriate security solution has significantly increased

By uniting the actionable intelligence in a central security command center, Ganz CORTROL delivers situational awareness, proactively optimizing incident management for large and challenging security environments presented in a school. A complete surveillance solution, the platform offers 64-bit processing power with a unique feature set to keep security efficiency for the IP video surveillance as a number one priority. Along with the enterprise platform VMS, the company also offers integrated and full systems for the education industry, which includes Ganz IP cameras, performance-driven optics, GXi Imbedded Intelligence Content Analytics, and the latest addition, a touchless multi-biometric access system. “By combining these technologies, we provide a safe, proactive school environment,” says Marsicano.

The GXi Technology adds a suite of video analytics to Ganz PixelPro and Ganz Thermal G2 network camera series. The Imbedded Intelligence Technology maximizes the surveillance capability with a robust set of built-in, real-time video analysis tools—(standard and optional)—including intrusion, directional and tailgating detection, and people and vehicle counting. CBC AMERICA worked with educational facilities in New York State to help them replace their antiquated analog CCTV with an IP Video system. The Ganz CORTROL VMS cameras installed at the school provided them with scalability to operate more efficiently, and address critical security needs.

What differentiates CBC AMERICA is their focused approach toward providing holistic, integrated, and end-to-end security solutions that leverage innovative technologies. The company will continue to expand and unify its position in the global security market by adding to its comprehensive line of products. “We continue to bring new security solutions to the market and follow a clear mission: to introduce cutting-edge technology that provides high-quality, reliability, and cyber safety to the industries we serve” concludes Marsicano.