Classe365: The Right Blend of Traditional and Digital Education

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The mind of a child is always full of questions, and for those who are willing to learn the world is a playground. A good teacher not only understands their students, but they also engage them by opening their imagination to a stream of knowledge. Classe365, an educational technology solution provider serves educational institutions of all types and sizes with one of the best students and learning management platforms. The company has over 4500 tutors, a presence in 130 countries, and student numbers in classrooms ranging from 15-200,000. “We believe that great learning lives and thrives in the hands of independent teachers who can easily adopt changing socio-techno economic conditions alongside traditional learning methods,” says Nandan Keerthi, Co-founder and Head of customer acquisition and growth at Classe365. The technology platform that the company leverages provides a complete management system for students. It allows educators to mix traditional and digital methods to deliver information, and build student futures.

From the very beginning, Classe365 has set its focus on building a student management software platform that can be used anywhere across the globe at any type of educational organization. To address this challenge, the company has a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions to leverage its data centers around the globe and host data at customer locations. The deal also allows Classe365 to provide users with the same level of protection that top-notch national agencies receive.

The implementation of Classe365’s platform is straightforward as it is a SaaS-enabled program. The solution once installed helps institution management to effortlessly control class timetables and courses through its drag and drop interface. Educators can easily transfer existing schedules by utilizing the easy to use and simple import features. Every user— students, teachers, and administrators—are given access to their dashboard to handle personal and academic information. A key to learning is not to miss a session or a class, and Classe365 provides attendance monitoring feature to make sure students are not missing in any classes.

We believe that great learning lives and thrives in the hands of independent teachers who can easily adopt changing socio-techno economic conditions alongside traditional learning methods

The service allows students to log and track their attendance digitally by scanning customized ID cards, and this reduces the time it takes to record class attendance. A prime differentiator that the solution has is the behavior diagnosis test they perform on students based on past information records to suggest how to assist students in a manner of their understanding, and keep them bright and healthy.

Administrators and IT can use the platform to check the academic progress of students for the duration they spend at institutions. The information stored can be accessed to verify pupil details, and decide whether they meet the prerequisites of the degree course they want to pursue. Grading of the students also becomes very easy, and tutors can assign credits for every class through Classe365’s grouping technique in a few simple steps. The students, teachers, and parents are served with different bulletins for campus news and updates. The news boards are designed differently depending on the nature of the individual, and the administrative rights they control. Besides, the solution also allows for monitoring of meetings between educators and parents to make sure all people are in the loop to contribute to a student’s progress and wellbeing. Keeping alumni up to date is a crucial factor, as ex-students begin to visualize their memories from educational institutions only after they have left. Through the platform, administrators can stay in with graduates to keep them informed about events and activities, and also manage student records for future reference with ease.

Moving ahead, the team at Classe365 want to continue to add to their base of knowledge providers, and global centers to further leverage prime education that is a perfect blend of traditional and digital methods.