Orbund: Revolutionizing SIS with Cloud-Based Systems

Arif Joarder, President, OrbundArif Joarder, President
Despite the fact that colleges and universities look for ways to deliver improved services to students and faculty, they have been in denial about the cloud for long. However, times have changed. Gone are days when colleges and universities relied on the traditional student information systems (SIS) that needed disparate solutions for registration, grading, CRM, student information access and making payments. Bringing in this change into effect is the Kansas-based Orbund. While higher education providers are rushing to migrate to the cloud, Orbund can your best bet if you don’t want to get left on the wrong side of an inflection curve.

A pioneer in cloud-based SIS, Orbund is an expert when it comes to examining the benefits and risks, as well as learning about best practices for cloud deployments of education management solutions. Orbund’s cloud-based, simple and highly flexible education management solution accommodates to clients’ specific needs and manages complex business processes seamlessly. Conceived in 2003 to simplify education management and streamline operations in career colleges and universities, the company aids career colleges in migrating to the cloud or upgrading their SIS to become more integrated and flexible to smoothen business processes. Traditional systems using client-server based models and old technologies can use Orbund as a cost-effective means to upgrade to modern technology.

The products created by Orbund cater to multiple systems with their built-in LMS, CRM, form and workflow automation, and the ability to create e-signatures, among others. Of these, Einstein, the higher education management system, caters to degree-granting institutions that offer Title IV student financial aid, while Edison is a career school management system serving institutions that cater to career-specific or continuing education, and other non-traditional institutions.

Students can access these solutions from their home on phones, tablets, and other devices. Multiple technologies and smaller tools like LMS, accounting systems, financial aid services, and DRMs like Salesforce can be integrated with Orbund. “The power and flexibility of our SIS, as well as the modern user interface, prove highly beneficial to our clients,” says Arif Joarder, President of Orbund.

At the core, Orbund SIS includes online application and lead forms, and portals for short course registration, administration, students and instructors. The systems can be customized with customer-specific terminology, user interface, and language of use. In addition, Orbund offers APIs for third-party systems. The company’s scalable products keep up with the changing needs of a growing business, and their incredible functionality and advanced features are available at cost-effective rates.

The range of features provided by Orbund proved especially beneficial to the Florida-based National Aviation Academy, which has extensive regulations regarding attendance. The FAA guidelines provide an exhaustive methodology to make up for lost attendance—getting the designated authoritarian signatures on specific documents, re-taking labs to make up for the lost classes, biometric attendance, and extra assignments. As the procedure to make up for lost classes proved complicated to both the administrative staff and students, they sought assistance in automating the attendance and make-up attendance. Orbund’s software, Edison, proved invaluable by automatically generating assignments and emailing them to students, together with the required forms and hours that they need to countervail. Following this, the instructor merely needs to grade assignments and compensate students for their lost classes.

The heavy emphasis on customer service is another reason behind the success of Orbund. The company ensures the availability of multiple support channels, such as live chats built into the software, and constant telephonic and email support. Schools with special needs or those requiring assistance in the weekends are catered to through the emergency support line.

“We believe that AI and automation are the guiding lights in improving the administration of education technology,” says Joarder. In the coming years, Orbund aims to utilize these technologies to the fullest.