Clever: Digitizing the Education Sector

Tyler Bosmeny, CEO, CleverTyler Bosmeny, CEO
Intuitive software can improve the quality of education across the world in today’s era. Technology, which has permeated to every strata of human life, should be used to empower education sector. Of late, there has been a lot of innovation that drive digitalization of classrooms, and use of mobile and web-based applications to bolster e-learning, however a seamless solution to manage the data flow and security is still plaguing the education landscape.

Enter Clever, an organization that blends mobile computing with data analytics to provide holistic mobile and web-based solutions to the education sector. The San Francisco based company is gaining traction when most school districts use legacy student information databases that are incapable of integrating with numerous learning apps and allow access through a single portal.

Clever’s system is built to transfer data between school district’s databases, which contain important and sensitive student data, and third party learning apps that are used by teachers. Clever also allows school districts to monitor the student information sent to third party, making sure that the data transfer is secure. For teachers and students, Clever makes things simple by removing the hassle of multiple login credentials with its single sign-on interface. This feature is useful for schools that use a greater number of digital services, clubbed with numerous apps that require multiple logins. “Teachers and educators were spending more time troubleshooting than teaching,” says Tyler Bosmeny, CEO and Co-founder, Clever.

Clever’s solution removes the clunky and outdated student information system, streamlines student data management, and tightens security at the same time

Clever’s solution removes the clunky and outdated student information system, streamlines student data management, and tightens security at the same time. The service also enables administrators to manage as well as keep a track of student information and allows students to use a large number of school-approved apps with the same user ID and password, even if they transfer to another school in the same district. With a vision to promote digital learning, Clever’s services are provided free of cost to schools, and drives its revenue through e-learning app developers that integrate with them, thus providing platform to host their mobile app in Clever’s database.

With more than 50,000 schools under their ambit and 200 applications in their database, Clever puts next generation learning software in the hands of students and educators. The company recently joined hands with Rediker Software, a 30-year-old e-learning software solutions provider, to offer K-12 institutions a seamless data experience. In addition, Clever is also gathering data from different schools to analyze obstacles that may affect the education sector in the coming years. “We’re solving the challenges of today while iterating as fast as we can to solve the problems of tomorrow,” Bosmeny emphasizes.

The education sector has many diverse contributors that include textbook publishers, developers of record keeping and curriculum software, and now manufacturers of smartphones and apps. Clever has been successful in bringing all the contributors under one umbrella, allowing data flow through a singular platform, thus making digital learning a seamless process.