Datalogics: Adaptive and Interactive eBook Solutions

Matt Kuznicki, CTO
Founded in 1967, Datalogics is a pioneer in the document technology business—a PDF and eBook technology company, dedicated to providing the highest quality software. They developed one of the first computerized typesetting systems, along with the editing workstations and software to drive them. Today, their business is focused on providing technologies to software developers that enable them to bring their products to market faster, by harnessing their superior PDF capabilities and end-to-end eBook solutions. With over 50 years of industry experience, Datalogics provides unmatched support to hundreds of customers worldwide, who use their technology in diverse applications.

For the education technology market, Datalogics applies their experience in document and information software with their READynamic™ learning platform. Matt Kuznicki, Chief Technology Officer, shares, “We’re excited about READynamic. It’s a very adaptable and collaborative platform for presenting eBooks to students that allows teachers and instructors to customize the experience with interaction and additional materials.”

READynamic is an end-to-end eBook solution with a powerful back-end server that facilitates the management and distribution of eBook content. Integrating this solution into the classroom provides a flexible user interface that allows teachers to customize the experience for their students. Teachers can incorporate additional materials, create quizzes, and track student progress. Students have the ability to write notes and add links to external content. They also have the capability to share their notes with other students.

Another eBook offering from Datalogics, Library Simplified™, comes via the New York Public Library (NYPL) who's goal is to simplfy the process of borrowing books from libraries.

READynamic is an end-to-end eBook solution with a powerful back-end server that facilitates the management and distribution of eBook content

Library Simplified is an open source technology for libraries developed by NYPL. Datalogics provides singular reading experience regardless of where the library gets their content. This collection of open source projects and commercially available licensed components provides a unified view of all available eBooks in a more streamlined format.

The solutions offered by Datalogics have helped many clients overcome document and learning hurdles. In Northern Europe for example, they worked with a group of elementary schools that were struggling with translation and localization of curriculum content. READynamic offered a platform that could be modified to accommodate the needs of the administrators and instructors to create their own roles in regards to how they worked with content and their student views and capabilities. Kuznicki explains, “With READynamic in place, teachers can embed quizzes, images, text, notes and other media, right into the book, giving modern students a multi-media experience.”

Datalogics is proud to be celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. As they consider their future, their goal is to continue to expand to meet the needs of their markets served. Datalogics is taking an aggressive look at improving the integration capabilities of their platform while preserving and enhancing the flexibility of their products. As presentation environments become more flexible and more capable. There’s an increased focus on eBooks to be able to present not just words, but audio, video, and dynamic, active content. This creates the potential to customize the experience for different styles of learning. While Datalogics continues to keep pace with the changing technology, they are deeply committed to supporting their customers to provide them with the best possible products and services.