Collaboration Solutions: Fostering Collaboration to Increase Productivity

Jeremy Short, CEO
As the customary face-to-face approach of conferencing is impeded for its tediousness, firms are now indulging in virtual collaborative technology to enhance their gathering experience. Virtual collaboration technology— for its wide-ranging utilization—is employed in various business settings. The education landscape is one such arena where learning institutes are investing on this technology to enrich their collaborative learning prospects. Here comes Collaboration Solution Inc. (CSi), an audio visual and conferencing solution provider who offer collaborative technology design, training, integration, and support across various markets.

Collaboration Solution offers holistic, end-to-end, mobile collaboration solution that are delivered on-premise or in the cloud to enrich classroom learning. The solutions help design collaborative workspaces or furnish them. The firm’s Quicklaunch application is a user-friendly application to conduct meetings, play media, access data, and exhibit the organization's content and business intelligence assets. By utilizing the application, educational institutions can add participants for conference and send emails to keep the participants notified of the recent updates. The “Room Reset” feature of the application enables clients to store confidential data securely. Clients can access corporate data on OneDrive or DropBox and the easy-to-use Admin Console streamlines centralized management of the data. The application is designed to function with the client’s existing audio/visual equipments by seamlessly integrating with Lync, Skype for Business, and Exchange. “Quicklaunch increases productivity and gives access to new forms of collaboration,” says Jeremy Short, CEO of Collaboration Solutions Inc. Along with Quicklaunch, CSi also offers Virbeya–a virtual management tool to streamline the conferencing experience of the educational institutions.

Virbeya is employed by clients to enhance project effectiveness by visually representing multiple projects in a single screen.

Quicklaunch increases productivity and gives access to new forms of collaboration

This visual management tool enables clients to recognize the project status and tackle issues.

The firm in partnership with Microsoft offers Skype for Business Services which puts together Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud productive suite with CSi’s industry-leading conferencing technology. “The Skype for Business Unified Communication (UC) client eliminates many roadblocks in communication and enables organizations to significantly increase their information workers’ productivity,” comments Short. With the help of the business service, clients can have a first-hand experience with instant messaging, presence information, and voice over IP (VoIP).

CSi’s audio/visual conferencing solutions were utilized by University of North Florida (UNF) in Jacksonville, to complete many audio/visual and conferencing projects of the university. With the help of the firm’s consultation and implementation services, the boardroom of the President was upgraded with a recessed electric projector screen along with a projector on motorized lift in the ceiling. The UNF Clubhouse was integrated with a centralized audio/visual rack for control systems and wireless microphones to achieve maximum flexibility.

The company enhances work environment to foster visual collaboration and productivity of the clients. It provides tools that help clients to share information and ideas in a visually engaging way. The company also provides certified trainers along with customized training and implementation plan for their clients. “Our trainers work hand in hand with the clients providing the ‘white glove’ training for both our administrators and end-users,” comments Short.

Forging ahead, Collaboration Solution focuses on its goal to embrace and lead the changing spectrum of collaboration technology to enable clients acquire heightened business productivity and value. CSi also plans to integrate more features and streamline their solutions top offer seamless digital experience to the clients.