Cranium Café: Online Services Platform for Institutions

Tracy Gorham, CEO, Cranium CafeTracy Gorham, CEO
Today, education technology is gaining momentum leaving behind the traditional ways of teaching and learning. With one touch access to almost everything on the internet now, the education space has been infiltrated with new technological trends. Realizing this outbreak, Cranium Cafe—a virtual student services technology—provides an intuitive, user-friendly online meeting and collaboration platform that requires no download or installation. Students can initiate a face-to-face meeting with a mentor, advisor, tutor, financial aid counselor, or technical assistant from any location at any time.

“Cranium Cafe’s mission is democratizing student services, such as online academic advising, counseling and tutoring, regardless of location or ability and the software is the only video engagement technology designed specifically for student services,” informs Tracy Gorham, CEO of the firm. Cranium Cafe offers clean and easy solutions with one-click access to self-scheduling, walk-in appointments, virtual lobby, video meetings with document libraries, share screen and collaborative whiteboard making sharing complex information easy.

Video-meetings are made a lot simpler with the company’s features like HTML5/WebRTC Platform, real-time data & analytics, upload & markup documents, group text editor and group chat private chat to complement the students better. With Cranium cafe’s services, the faculty, staff, and students can contact their school’s IT and Help Desk with one click and meet them virtually by sharing their screens and explaining the specific technical issues they are experiencing.

With ADA and FERPA compliant solutions on board, Cranium Cafe’s services are built to leverage the mobility trend too. Functions like text message system, student self scheduling, unlimited archives, storage and meetings are designed to serve the students efficiently. Solutions are compatible with Windows and Android platforms and available on iOS too.

Cranium Cafe’s mission is democratizing student services

On the other hand, to lend a helping hand to out-of- state and off campus students, Cranium Cafe offers online face-to-face access to a recruiter, enrollment officer, orientation staff member, and academic advisor without a special student ID or login from any location to receive in-office support. Cranium Cafe’s Real-Time Student Services software was built to simulate an in-office appointment specifically designed to extend the reach to all off campus students.

Cranium cafe provides browser-based support allowing students to just copy or paste a few lines of code into any webpage like embedding a YouTube video activating the Cranium cafe card and all set for online student support. The company also provides integration features like student ID integration, outlook and Google calendar integration with push/pull notifications and Web page integration.

In one instance, after several attempts to increase enrollment and the amount of advisement sessions, the numbers at Snow College continued to drop. Meetings with advisers are crucial in higher education institutions. Snow College, after evaluating various options took special notice of Cranium Cafe. The college management was impressed by the simplicity and the importance of finding a FERPA-compliant solution. The college liked that it made advising more accessible to students without losing the benefits of an in-office appointment, so Cranium Cafe was soon implemented in the Academic Advising Department.

When trying to implement robust student services for online learning programs, accreditation requirements, connecting local counselors to online students among others can pose as a challenge. But these challenges have been overcome by Cranium Cafe. Moving forward, the company’s main objective is to focus on improving their student services. As we have more students accessing their educational opportunities online, these services will become more necessary to their success.