CommuniTake: Simplifying the mLearning Experience

Ronen Sasson, CEO, CommuniTakeRonen Sasson, CEO
Mobile learning is a part of a new learning landscape and offers the opportunity for a spontaneous, personal, informal, and situated learning. As an integral part of students’ daily lives, mobility has changed the way they communicate, gather information, allocate time and attention, and learn. However, as mobile technology becomes ubiquitous, many institutions and faculty members encounter challenges when using smart devices for mobile learning. Facilitating mLearning and ensuring that the elderly faculty members are comfortable in the new environment is not an easy task. Additionally, it is paramount to strengthen collaboration between students and make certain that the smart devices are not being misused. As such, “there is an evolving need to glue the components of the new learning reality into a manageable environment for an effective ecosystem,” states Ronen Sasson, CEO, CommuniTake. CommuniTake helps streamline the new learning space by taking a unique approach to solving these challenges. The firm provides a smart and simple mLearning management system that unifies central management, remote assistance, performance assurance, and optional proprietary firmware for total control. The system is designed to complement class management solutions.

“We bring together granular use governance with device performance assurance and real-time collaborative assistance that simplify and materialize mLearning experiences,” says Ronen Sasson. The firm’s easy-to-use governance system enables faculty IT to centrally manage the use of mLearning devices: mobile applications use, browsing control, time and location based use policies, and mass configurations. “It assures device performance via on-device self-troubleshooting application so that the mLearning device will always be operational and manageable,” says Ronen Sasson. Additionally, the system allows IT personnel to instantly help faculty members through remote control technology, regardless of their physical location. The educators who struggle with modern mLearning systems can benefit from real-time, hands-on guidance that directs them toward best utilizing the new tools to facilitate better learning.

We bring together granular use governance with device performance assurance and real-time collaborative assistance that simplify and materialize mLearning experiences

“We also provide smart device support which empowers users to invite their colleague for a collaborative session based on remote control technology. The colleague can assume complete control over the requesting device and guide students on various issues,” affirms Ronen Sasson.

Besides, CommuniTake provides proprietary, Android-like firmware that eliminates the ability to bypass the use control policies. The central management component is embedded in the firmware so device owners cannot uninstall or manipulate its settings. This guarantees productive mLearning by enforcing the device use restrictions set by the administration. The firmware is an alternate solution for faculties that require tight restrictions enforcement over mLearning devices. These devices are aimed at the use-sensitive organizations which provide the device for free, but wish to make sure that they are used solely for mLearning purposes.

Likewise, CommuniTake also has extensive expertise in secure mobile endpoint management. The firm’s IntactPhone is a natively integrated mobile security platform that unifies hardened device, security rich mobile operating system, encrypted communications, smart command center, and multi-channel support. “Our next-generation mobile security solution provides in-depth protection against malicious attacks and eavesdropping threats via a multi-layered defense that boosts security efficacy and prevents threats at each stage of the attack kill chain,” says Ronen Sasson.

CommuniTake allows customers to capitalize on the new mobile learning opportunity, increase IT efficiency and reduce managerial costs. Evidently, “our goal is to understand, develop, and deliver mobile experiences that go beyond people’s expectations, by means of the newest technology tailored to our customers’ needs,” says Ronen Sasson. Leveraging its industry expertise, the firm is working toward becoming the premier mobile endpoint management and security provider for unique purpose devices.