Edusight: Visualizing Academic Progress through Mobile Applications

Vikram Somasundaram, Co-Founder & CEO, EdusightVikram Somasundaram, Co-Founder & CEO
Technologies like mobility are streamlining processes in education by empowering students to gain access to all the required information and stay connected with their teachers. In this integrated environment, educators have noticed a need to visualize students’ academic progress in a single screen with an intuitive interface. “There is a huge need for a simple way to show what the students are working on. Without it, assessment consistently becomes only about grades,” says Vikram Somasundaram, Co-Founder and CEO, Edusight.

With the goal to help teachers document students’ overall academic progress, Edusight delivers mobile applications to capture photos, notes, audio, and video observations in real time using mobile devices. “The rise in adoption of mobile devices enables us to create the best experience for teachers to document and showcase the evidence of student learning,” says Somasundaram. The company focuses on providing actionable insights on a student’s learning with more than just grades, by incorporating documentation and sharing functions within its applications. “There is now a growing chorus of educators who agree that assessment with just grades is inadequate,” says Somasundaram. With better knowledge of a student’s work, even the parent-teacher conferences will be more informative by incorporating more than just grades. “With Edusight, teachers can track grades alongside photos, notes, audio, and video observations of each student’s progress,” says Somasundaram.

According to the CEO, the reason for focusing on mobility is to obtain instant feedback, higher engagement, quick and easy access to a broad range of resources, and student-driven learning. Mobile devices enable students to explore, engage, react, and grow—students can document their own learning and set goals accordingly. The sole aim of Edusight’s blending of technology with education is to empower students to gain ownership over their learning. This ideology helps students focus on knowledge rather than grades.

With Edusight, teachers can track grades alongside photos, notes, audio, and video observations of each student’s progress

With complete emphasis on delivering easy-to-use applications for the betterment of the education sector, Edusight has helped many K-12 schools adopt data-driven learning. For instance, Royal St. George’s College (RSGC), an independent school in Toronto, needed a flexible online assessment tool to de-emphasize grades and document moments of student achievement. “Once Edusight was implemented at RSGC, teachers immediately started responding to the simple and intuitive user interface, world-class support, and flexibility in assessment,” says Somasundaram. The teachers and administrators in RSGC noted a positive impact on the assessment process and were able to deliver personalized, immediate feedback to students.

Apart from delivering applications and solutions to its customers, Edusight emphasizes building a better user interface for K-12 education. The company’s developers spend hundreds of hours annually working with teachers, listening to their needs, and delivering support on demand. “Teacher and administrator feedback shapes everything about our product,” states Somasundaram. The emphasis on customer feedback and incorporating this feedback directly in the solutions differentiates Edusight from its competition.

The solutions and strategies of Edusight hover around its four core values—truth, outcomes, grit, and support. The CEO aims to reflect the impression of its core values in its solutions for a superior out-of-the-box user experience. In the process of developing better solutions, the firm envisions student-driven applications to be the future in the education landscape. “We are looking to partner closely with schools and districts to build the best standards-based learning assessment tool,” concludes Somasundaram.