Competentum Group: Game-Changing K-12 Solutions

Natalia Soboleva, CEO, Competentum GroupNatalia Soboleva, CEO
The latest digital innovations in technology have paved a path for novel e-learning methodologies in education. The technology drive is redefining the success for the student fraternity, while making headways in the education systems. K-12 education is leading the path with its expertise in digital interactive teaching methods. While interactive technology gains poularity in K-12 education, Competentum Group, a global e-Learning software vendor offers high-quality and game-changing education solutions for corporate and academic markets.
Despite pervasive adoption of technologies, the K-12 education faces significant challenges, in the ADA compliance, providing affordable mobile devices, apps, and software solutions. Headquartered at Park Avenue, NY, Competentum Group addresses the aforementioned obstacles in digital learning by offering customer friendly products with minimal customizations and cost, witha separate department dealing with ADA compliance in three stages. The first tier involves specialists auditing the existing product on overall compliance to common guidelines. The second creates comprehensive guidelines for particular educational products and third consists of devoted software developers who use their first class skills to implement the guidelines. “We employ an agile approach, and integrate the best software to fit the needs of the most demanding clients,” delineates Natalia Soboleva, CEO, Competentum Group.

Besides, the firm also devotes special efforts to drive student engagement in its courses, by balancing learning tools and some parts of a game engine. “We offer a wide range of educational solutions content development, complex software development, and comprehensive quality assurance,” states Soboleva.

Competentum Group has largely banked on its long success in implementing HTML5 education solutions. To facilitate flipped classroom learning, Competentum’s content department creates pedagogically accurate materials, using which kids can investigate new concepts and utilize valuable teacher time. Gamification is addressed with deployment of new technology by creating new environments that are irresistible to kids.

We offer a wide range of educational solutions such as content development, complex software development, and comprehensive quality assurance

Furthermore, to compliment grading algorithms the company has a highly interactive assessment tool including interactive simulations and virtual labs that are deployed in many schools worldwide. “Our interactive courses offer all sorts of assessment options, starting from quizzes and puzzles, to complex math’s problem tools that can determine whether hand-drawn parabola is where it should be,” remarks Soboleva.

In addition, with core focus on e-learning, Competentum Group offers inclusive education solutions. The company’s interactive and assessment tools offer ample options that are particularly great for schools and young students as it helps to overcome short attention span and also valuable for multilingual students or environments.

Furthermore, the company’s latest offering Mobicon, legacy code conversion tool equipped with editing features, lets users convert games, dynamic scenes and much more into the mainstream education. Competentum’s passion for science and innovative technology is reflected in its high quality, and cost-effective education solutions. With vast experience and knowledge, the company will also be significantly helping the education fraternityin the field of automation in educational solutions starting from assessment automation, print-to-digital conversion to broad course management systems and big data analytics software.

With a wide spectrum of solutions, Competentum Group has been able to provide a comprehensive solution for a product named Education City to enablethe client to stand apart from its competitors. The company’s latest development HTML5 has helped create engaging resources for more than 15,000 UK educational facilities through its quick, exciting, and highly interactive course of action.

Moving ahead, Competentum Group is devised to bring some thrilling experience to education landscape with its latest creation being the 2D and 3D Math rendering libraries. The company is also planning to achieve market foothold in its legacy content conversion tool, MobiCon and diversify into exciting domains such as virtual reality.