TimeClock Plus: The Time Keeping Expert

Jordy Moorman, President Ernie Nabors, COO Dr. Steve Bannerman, CTO Scott Turner, Vice President, Marketing It all began in 1988, when Jorge Ellis, an ace businessman developed a product called One Number Delivery, an innovative restaurant delivery tracking software. Little did Ellis know at that time, that ‘TimeClock Plus’—a basic time and attendance recording component of his solution—would eventually change how tens of thousands of organizations all over the world manage time and attendance for employees.

Fast forward to 2016, Ellis’s robust time tracking solution continues to meet a few pressing needs of organizations worldwide—time and attendance, leave tracking, and workforce management. At the core, TCP’s vision and motivation is to provide organizations with the best and simplest tools in the market for managing their most valuable, and most expensive asset—human capital. The company is now being spearheaded by Jordy Moorman, a young visionary whose strategic planning has brought significant and consistent growth to the company in recent years.

"The demand on K12 administrators to provide quality education while fighting budget deficits weighs heavily on the industry, along with the mounting compliance risks," says Jordy Moorman, President, TimeClock Plus. As a result, educational institutions are on the lookout for tools to effectively manage every facet of their workforce and budget labor costs for the future. “With 2015 being a record year for the number of lawsuits filed in Federal Court under the Fair Labor Standards Act, it’s a mandate for education administrators to manage their workforces in terms of wage and hour issues or confront the risk of labor-related class action," says Moorman. To meet these demands, TimeClock Plus provides flexible, up-to-the-second reporting to school timekeepers and administrators, facilitating accurate time tracking and significant control over the rising costs of payroll.

With almost 2,000 K12 clients across the country, the TimeClock Plus team’s best practices experience and expertise is unrivaled in the workforce management industry. “Some of the largest schools in the nation rely on TimeClock Plus for proactive labor management, labor compliance mitigation, and the transition to efficient, accurate, paperless payroll processes,” says Moorman.

Game-Changing Workforce Insights

The burgeoning onslaught of compliance incites an indomitable need for cooperation and integration amongst various tools in the K12 business office especially including finance and HR software solutions.

Some of the largest schools in the nation rely on TimeClock Plus for proactive labor management, labor compliance mitigation, and the transition to efficient, accurate, paperless payroll processes

From the point of a new employee hire and on-boarding to his first paycheck, TimeClock Plus makes sure that a school business office is free from manual manipulation of excel spreadsheets, manual keying of data amongst the various systems, and ad-hoc complex import/export mapping routines. “Today’s K12 business office should be a constant whirlwind of information seamlessly flowing “auto-magically” between its various business information systems,” says Moorman. “TimeClock Plus helps schools create that “magical” flow of information, from punch-in to paycheck.”

TimeClock Plus v7 Professional Edition for K12 was designed based on consistent client feedback, often received at the company’s annual K12 Learning Summit, a meeting of hundreds of education leaders from schools all across the country, and combined with TCP’s almost three decades of experience serving the K12 market. With customizable dashboards, schools can create their own widgets for managing overtime, absences, missed punches, time off requests, and more.

The company now offers the power of TimeClock Plus in the Cloud. The TCP v7 Cloud offers school administrators with the flexibility, reliability, and scalability necessary to focus on what’s most important – the education of their students. This cloud-based solution utilizes capacity from remote servers, scaling up or down with processing speeds or storage, ultimately providing a level of agility and cost effectiveness that on-premise installations cannot deliver.“With TimeClock Plus v7 Cloud, disaster recovery and server maintenance become part of a school’s service, and of course, using a cloud-based application for critical business solutions like workforce management means that the organization is always on a current software version with the latest tools and technology,” says Moorman.

An extension of the product’s core application, TCP v7 Mobile for Android and iPhone releases users from the constraints of a PC to manage time and attendance through mobile devices. TCP Mobile offers game-changing, dashboard-driven workforce insights, offering school administrators a fast, flexible, and fully-customizable window into their workforce.

"TCP v7 offers game-changing, dashboard-driven workforce insights, offering school administrators a fast, flexible, and fully-customizable window into their workforce"

Ideally suited for employees and managers that may not have easy access to a desktop or wall-mounted time clock (the RDT), TCP Mobile helps to track employee time who are on the move and manage their time and attendance at remote locations. With the app, a manager need not report to his office to manage an employee’s time card, nor does an employee need to hunt down his manager to request a vacation day, and no longer does an administrator need to comb through reams of paper to glean insights about her organization’s labor cost, overtime budget, or absenteeism cost. “Through TCP Mobile, employees, managers, and timekeepers now have the power of an enterprise workforce management application in the palm of their hand,” says Moorman. In addition, advances in GPS-based geo-location services allow mobile applications to offer greater accountability for employees who work away from the office, by “geo-tagging” the location of each mobile clock transaction. “Our mobile apps are designed to provide handheld employee time and attendance software for use from anywhere within the bounds of their cellular provider’s supported data plan,” states Moorman.

The Future is Bright

“A successful deployment of TimeClock Plus in K12 relies greatly on the accuracy and completeness to which our solution consultants and project managers understand the client’s requirements and processes,” says Moorman. Rooted in deep industry experience, the company's team of experts performs business process assessments to structure business rules based on K12-specific best practices.

Even with an industry presence of almost three decades, Moorman believes that TimeClock Plus still maintains the culture and excitement of a startup. Often new employees and interview candidates liken the energy, passion, and engagement of the employees in the corporate office to startups in Silicon Valley - one employee even referring to TCP as the “Google of West Texas.” “Our proudest and most significant accomplishment in recent years is the team and culture that we have been able to build and maintain–all of our greatest accomplishments and our tremendous growth and success are a direct result of our unbelievable team,” exclaims Moorman.

“This growth and continued success has propelled us to an extent that we have relocated our corporate headquarters within San Angelo, TX for a second time in less than five years to accommodate the rapidly growing TCP team, all the while establishing remote offices in Austin, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and most recently, Kansas City,” says Moorman. Forging ahead, the TimeClock Plus team plans to continue its consistent product innovation, driven by its unmatched company culture and employee engagement, fueling growth through a deep, intimate understanding of the K12 business office.

- Urmi Sengupta
    April 27, 2016