Illuminate Education: Improving Student Performance through Formative Assessments

Lane Rankin, Founder & CEO, Illuminate EducationLane Rankin, Founder & CEO
The digital revolution has opened a new wave of transformation in pupil learning and assessment procedures in educational institutions. The educators and administrators are increasingly embarking upon ed-tech advancements—Student Information Systems (SIS), to streamline the process of student data compilation for enhanced analysis of their performance. Furthermore, educators are now prioritizing upon the formative assessments that can play a vital role in gauging student understanding based on which, further course of action on the overall development of students can be taken. In this scenario, Illuminate Education headquartered at Irvine, provides SIS products for improved and progressive learning and facilitates communication between teachers, parents and students. “At all levels, our education system will leverage the power of technology to measure assessment and thereby improve student learning,” delineates Lane Rankin, Founder and CEO, Illuminate Education.

Founded in 2009, Illuminate Education’s provide educational institutions with “One system, one login, one solution” SIS. The firm envisioned and designed its SIS products to resolve the hurdles faced by teachers in data extraction from multiple sources and follow up with the student’s productive growth throughout the academic year.

Illuminate Education’s Illuminate Data and Assessment product offers the educational institutions with the student’s standards-based formative assessments taken from assignments, project works, extra-curricular activities, and paper test scores. Through Data and Assessment product, teachers and parents are able to analyze the data to cater daily-personalized instructions to students. The sharing of information between the parents and teachers through feedback helps in mapping the student’s consistent growth, and improvises on the educator’s guidance. The firm’s SIS empowers the students with easy communication between the parents and teachers and further helps them to collaborate on improving their performance.

At all levels, our education system will leverage the power of technology to measure assessment through data and thereby improvise the learning

“We believe that all students deserve assessments that will help them with their desired destination on learning,” confides Rankin.

In addition, the firm’s Illuminate SIS provides their clients with a unified web-based point of access to all information into one interface in order to enter, manage, and view data. The web-based point can hold information pertaining to the student demographics, attendance, scheduling, discipline, grades, assessment history, state reporting mandates, and report cards. A single click provides access to the detailed student profile, academic history, student list or college readiness report and the data can be loaded from various data sources. The customer organizations can also create student groups for intervention, athletics, and projects and can enhance the student curriculum, and performance assessment.

A testament of Illuminates’ prowess is its service towards many educational institutions. In one such instance, Statesboro High School approached Illuminate Education to improve the mathematics learning among the students. The high school incorporated the Illuminate Data and Assessment product into their environment and created a data-informed culture in order to gauge students understanding on the subject and thereby devising methods to enhance their performance. Thereafter, the student performance on Georgia’s Math End of Course Test (EOCT) state assessment grew from 38 percent to 70 percent–an improvement of 84 percent that year. “We take pride that we are an education company doing technology and not the other way around,” remarks Rankin.

Illuminate Education continuously evolves to expand the efficiency of its solutions. The firm plans to extend its market foothold with new concepts like adaptive testing, and predictive analytics in the education stream.